Chelsea FC 2011-2012 Season

Well well well according to CFC pigs do fly (apparently!) following the high profile sacking of previous manager Carlo Ancelotti in May 2011 who only done the double winning the Community Shield and the Premiere League title in his first season finishing with 103 goals scored (English record that stood for over 50 years). This was not good enough for the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich so on the 22 June 2011 a fresh faced former employee by the name of André Villas-Boas born 17 October 1977. Now some die hard Chelsea fans recognised this face as José Mourinho’s opposition scout during The Special ones tenure, problem 1 1977 the year AVB was born which is one year before Didier Drogba was born, problem 3 high profile players respond well to new managers based off previous playing experience/reputation, seniority (your less likely to chuck it with your dad then your big brother!) and the manner and approach of implementing different & new coaching methods. All of the above exploded in the face of AVB setting the stage for his ruthless dismissal on 4 March 2012 with the club in 5th place with a record of three wins in their last 12 Premier League games leaving the now named Interim manager (which means assistant manager) & former player Roberto Di Matteo.
With 50 million pounds invested on a clone of a former prolific striker by the name of Fernando Torres who seemed to have psychological issues in front of goal, Chelsea supporters fume at the fact that Nicolas Anelka and for that matter central defender Alex had been forced out of the club with no apparent reason. Injury stricken hardly any goals and low morale is what Roberto Di Matteo & Eddie Newton had to turn around and turn around they did. Despite ending the season in Chelsea’s lowest league position in 10 years 6th place which is guaranteed Europa League football, two other London clubs finished above Chelsea. All was not lost with a dramatic end to the season winning the F.A. Cup at Wembley and the club football holy grail Champions League. Beating the likes of Valencia, Benfica, Napoli and the best club football team on the planet FC Barcelona! The 1st London club to ever win the trophy and if it couldn’t get any sweeter winning the CL ensured London rivals Spurs who finished above Chelsea did not qualify for next seasons CL but instead the Europa League.
So as the 2012 Euro’s loom and the London Olympics, a feeding frenzy of transfer activities are sure to take place at Stamford Bridge…… this space.
Joe Spesh

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