Music Is My Drug

On a Tuesday evening in the heart of a very busy Brick Lane East London I find myself at ” Music Is My Drug ” held at The Brick House. Now I must admit in recent years I have refused to attend showcases, open mic sessions and music competitions, why I hear you ask? Because most of the performers are crap and normally the event is poorly organised held in shabby locations with a terrible p.a system and no vibe.
However! Last night at The Brick House just may have restored my faith. For anyone who has not been to the The Brick House it’s very cool venue. Although I got there after it had started the atmosphere was buzzing.

The Hip Hop section was won by Mas Man hands down very refreshing an artist who is not talking about how much ice is in their imaginary Rolex an actual lyricist respecting the art form. The Vocal section was won by Redz who has a good stage presents and can actually sing. The other stand out performers was the live band who along with the DJ helping to create that vibe.

But Lil Simz an 18 year old singer/rapper smashed it, very witty bars and quite versatile as she performed a track spitting bars and playing a keyboard.

Also with a outstanding performance was a singer from Manchester by the name of Lois Davina. Powerful vocals a singer who definitely sings it from the heart ( she even shed a tear whilst performing her first track ).

And to top it off the mic was opened towards the end of the night and a singer by the name of Secret jumped on stage and flexed her vocals with the band in a most diva like fashion. All in all it was a very entertaining night Music Is My Drug is a proper event and gets the stamp of certification from me!

Tuesdays from 8pm @ The Brick House parking on near by roads is not a problem for more info follow @MusicismydrugTV
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