Amir Khan – Where does he go from here?

Face to face at press conference
Khan & Garcia

Standing count

“You ok my man?….” The words spoken just before Kenny Bayless waves the fight over Amir Khan has been defeated by Danny Garcia surrendering his recently reclaimed WBA (Super) & IBF Light Welterweight titles. For the first 2 rounds Amir Khan done what he does best Speed, movement, punches in bunches & leading with the jab. Now if this was the game plan for the night it would have been full proof! However in the world of sport even individual sports like boxing there’s always a team behind the athlete, trainers, conditioners, physio’s ect. So there’s always a plan one of the things that can prevent the plan from working is independent thinking. Freddie Roach insisted that Garcia would be punching air when the pair meets in the ring and for 2 rounds that’s exactly what happened. Cue independent thinking, now maybe because of the pre-fight banter When Angel Garcia (father and trainer of Danny Garcia) continually mocked

Angel Garcia mocking Amir Khan

Amir Khan prompted Amir into entering the mind games and saying “ I’m gonna knock him out!” he was attempting to deliver his promise. But when you’re a boxer fighting against a brawler the last thing you want to get into is trying to prove how strong your glass jaw is when everybody knows already. In my personal opinion Danny Garcia in this fight fought in straight lines and swung wildly something a boxer whose strengths are speed and movement should be able to deal with. Make no mistake though straight line or not the power Garcia has in both hands should let you know you should respect the power and get out the way!

Crashing left hook from Garcia
sends Khan to the canvas in Round 3

Khan on the front foot

In the televised pre-fight build up we were shown lots of footage (maybe not lots but you know what I mean) where Khan was training without the presents of coach & trainer Freddie Roach. And subsequently from what we were shown during his sparring session he trained to brawl? No movement or slipping punches, now is that the homework Freddie Roach gave his student? Or did in the absence of the mentor independent thinking kick in? Mr Roach is a very busy trainer even to busy for his own fighter now if that really is the case maybe just maybe if Amir Khan intends to fight on he should take that into consideration. Carl Froch current IBF Super Middleweight Champion today suggested that Amir Khan should consider retiring I’m not too sure I agree with that he’s on 3 losses & 26 wins now which is not that bad but that independent thinking has got to be put in check. So the question really is where does he go from here? One thing for sure though Floyd Mayweather is a galaxy away from Khan’s reach for the foreseeable future but that’s just my independent thinking kicking in!

Garcia with belts

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Written by @JoeSpesh


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