Current World Media’s Interview with Shanika Warren-Markland

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The UK at the moment is a hotbed for fresh and new emerging talent in a lot of different areas of media.Today we are focusing on the actress Shanika Warren-Markland who is 25 years old from West London, most recognised for her role in Adulthood ( British Drama ) in 2008 written and directed by fellow Brit and BAFTA award-winner Noel Clarke playing the role as Kayla. This film was followed up by 4,3,2,1 ( British Crime Thriller ) again teaming up with Noel Clarke and Mark Davis in 2010. Then in 2011 working alongside Ashley Walters and Idris Elba in Demons Never Die ( British Horror ) written and directed by Arjun Rose, In April 2012 Shanika Warren-Markland travelled across the pond to the USA and starred in The Skinny ( American Romantic Comedy Drama ) written and directed by Patrik-Ian Polk and American film director. And most recently starring a long side BAFTA award-winning Adam Deacon and Ashley Chin in Victim ( British Urban Melodrama ) directed by Alex Pillai filmed in 2011 but released in June 2012. So before Shanika starts filming for her next film we caught up with her in between her busy schedule.

Good afternoon Shanika, so at what age did you start acting?

Hey how are you? Well I started performing and dancing from age two but I joined a youth theatre group in Hammersmith called (Young blood theatre company)  at 15 And had my first professional acting job at 16.
So Who would you say were you influences or what influenced you that made you want to act on the big screen?
My main influence to take performing seriously was going to see F.A.M.E the musical at the age of 10 but also seeing Halle Berry on-screen in Hollywood films was inspirational as she was a reflection of me.
You’ve been quite busy playing diverse characters in your last few films but Which one has been your favourite role?

My favourite role to date has to be Kerry in because she was wild but funny and with a good heart. I’m very excited to see what she’ll be getting up to when I read the script for .1.

Equally What has been your most challenging role?
I’m currently researching and preparing for my most challenging role but I don’t wanna give too much away…

What is your thoughts on the British film industry and how can it be improved?

The British film industry is in a good position right now in some ways with lots of people getting films made.  However the industry needs to have more faith in Brit films and demonstrate this by putting up more funding and giving films a better chance at the cinemas.

Have you ever done theatre / if not do you plan on doing any?

I did a lot of theatre coming up with Young blood theatre company and have worked on a great show called (Crunch).  With Talawa theatre company here and in South Africa.  I’m in rehearsals for a new play called ‘Love is not enough’  right now.

You have worked with an ever-growing list of actors and actresses but which actor/actress have you enjoyed working with the most?
The cast of Victim I loved working with Ashley Chin, Michael Morris and Anna Nightingale as they’ve become real friends not just industry friends.

Do you have any up and coming roles in the pipe line?

I’ll be in ‘Love Is Not Enough’ at theatre local in August and I have a cameo in Noel Clarkes rom-com ‘The Knot’ out in October.
Great stuff so we can look forward to seeing much more of you this year! and just finally before you go What is on your mind now? ( #whatsonyourmindnow )

Someone recently asked me to explain what my tattoo means ‘To the stars through difficulties’ which to me means no matter what hard times I go through I will get to the bigger end.

So there you have it Shanika Warren-Markland one of UK’s hard-working rising stars a true inspiration to young aspiring actresses and actors alike. Making her American début this year Miss Warren-Markland is on the up so we can only expect bigger and greater achievements in the future.

Interviewed by @Magevizo

Written by @JoeSpesh

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