CWM Out & About Report-Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap Movie Premier @ Hammersmith Apollo London 2012

Hammersmith Apollo

On the 19th of July ICE-T premiered his Realumentary at the Hammersmith Apollo, Something From Nothing –  The Art Of Rap. From the moment we got there you could feel the anticipation in the air, a distinct 90’s Hiphop energy was present.

Now that’s not to say there was anything dated about the event but that same reminiscent feeling like remembering good times listening to Max & Dave Hip Hop Show on Kiss 100 (not total kiss lol) as a child was remembering how it felt.

On approach you could tell the who’s who of London’s Hip Hop music scene was in attendance Bloggers, music industry heads, DJ’s, film journalists and more. In the Guest list Queue we brushed with Kiss FM DJ Swerve & Shortee Blitz in the foyer the chatter and the flashes made you feel more at home with the event and seeing artists like Northweezee’s USG Family K-Koke, Squingy & Lefty, comedian Eddie Kadi and a few familiar faces.

Chuck D

Suddenly a barrage of camera flashes and a raised level of chatter and we knew someone was entering the venue, within meters of where we were standing arrived Chuck D. Shouts to grab his attention hurled over, around & through us, Chuck D naturally dealt with the few and was escorted to his appointment with the press, on passing he salutes myself and my colleague, taps me on the shoulder and ‘ Hi fives’ my colleague, even as big men, we were chuffed.

After circling the reception area we ended right  behind the press wall and who walked in? That’s right …. Pixie Lott as expected…….

Raekwon Da Chef

Raekwon & Ghostface

Within mins shouts started to ring out as someone else was arriving up the stairs, path cleared and even before he got to the press wall , Wu-tang Clan member Raekwon then Ghostface Takes centre spot and the barrage of flashes start effecting the light mood on the balcony.

So with mingling protocol press photos and such over and done with it was time to take in the film. What instantly struck us was this film was not done on the cheap! Which was our personal fear, a historical film like this needs to be shot correctly. ICE-T takes the viewer on a personal tour,allowing the audience to tag along while he checks his mates who just happen to pivotal legends and innovators.

Now you may ask, so what’s the film about?

It’s about the essence of Hiphop’s inception in America and it’s evolution. One of Ice T’s friends is MC. Melle Mel, who explains lyrical content and the concept of rocking a crowd, Grand Master Caz, demonstrates the writing process & MC Lyte explains her education in MC delivery/voice projection.

The most interesting part of the evening was after the film the audience was invited to join a Q&A session at the front of the stage with Melle Mel, Chuck D, Raekwon and ICE-T. This was slightly disappointing as some of the audience wasted the opportunity.  Instead of taking advantage of having HipHop legends willing to answer constructive and relevant questions , people asked questions like ” how come Jay Z wasn’t in it?” ,” how come there wasn’t any women in it?” and ” how come you didn’t talk about the Beastie Boyz?”

Melle Mel

Theses people must have been sleeping during the film! B-Real from Cypress Hill spoke about the Beastie Boyz! ICE-T speaks to Salt from the female group Salt n Pepper and MC Lyte, who We are sure, are women.
These silly questions whilst, Melle Mel has not been asked anything!
For instance what’s your opinion on HipHop today?

Or How many evolutionary stages of HipHop has he witnessed in his opinion?

After the Q&A we were given a solid performance from Melle Mel, Chuck D, Raekwon da chef & Ghostface Killah, ICE-T & UK 80’s HipHop group Hijack, who were signed to ICE-T’s Rhyme Syndicate record label, they had us, hands in the air rapping along.

So to summarise ICE-T’s debut as a film director we think he’s done quite well to be honest this is film that probably won’t get its appropriate adulation until some famous writer says its cool years later! There is no doubt though this is a pivotal film Filled with living legends. So as ICE-T said
” if came to see your favourite current rapper chances are you will be disappointed”



But that’s not what it’s about The Art Of Rap is something manufactured artists probably won’t get or care about. But to us  it’s just as important as a play writer who has never read or heard of Shakespeare, homage must be shown to Something From Nothing The Art Of Rap we look forward to the next instalment.

@ButchKassidy & @JoeSpesh

Current World Media Team


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