Apple defeat Samsung in court battle!

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In a historical legal case played out in a Californian court room Apple have delivered a knock out blow to fierce rivals Samsung, to keep things simple Apple accused Samsung of coping their Iphone & Ipad soft/hardware designs/patterns. It doesn’t take more than a second glance to why Apple had issues with the Samsung’s products (Samsung Tablet & Galaxy hand set).

Apple were awarded an outstanding figure of £650 million in damages on Friday 24th August 2012, some onlookers though have viewed this action as merely tactically blocking Google Inc and its associated Android software from having any future impact on the market. Ironically enough Apples shares rose this week by 2% to a record high of $675 in after hour trading (AHT basically means Large companies or wealthy individuals can still trade outside of the official hours in the USA of 9:30am – 4:00pm)

Artist court room illustration Apple vs Samsung

However as the Apple’s legal team sip fine victory champagne and exchange high fives some guy at Samsung with glasses on is quietly reviewing the £3 billion pound supply relationship from Samsung to Apple for microprocessors and other integral components (think someone’s about to get charged up the chimney!)

So how does this effect me??

Well it wont really but saying that a judge in South Korea ordered Apple to stop selling four different Apple products including the Iphone 4! and Samsung to stop selling ten of their products including the Galaxy S II, we assume this apply’s only to the Asian market.

So what happens next?

More drawn out legal battles Samsung already are playing the part of the kid who just got beaten up shouting I’ll be back!! and have promised Apple have not heard the last of this as for Apple the kid gloating in his glory its the slot machines in Vegas with some of that £650 million lol!

So just to recap.

Apple make new gadget stuff

Samsung get frightened and copy Apple

Apple say “wait a minuet that looks familiar, they’ve ripped us off lets take them to court!”

Samsung try to fight it but loose and have to cough up £650 million qid!

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this soap opera so stay tuned for the next episode of ….


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