Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion formerly known as Snoop doggy dogg has recently Switched his genre of music to Reggae after embracing the Rastafarian religion and culture after a recent trip to the Caribbean island of Jamaica the spiritual home of Reggae music.  This has indeed Shocked many a Snoop fan with the dramatic change with many assuming that this is a passing phase he will eventually move on from, but as the former dog farther reiterated Snoop Lion is here to stay.  One of his first releases under his new name is a track entitled La La La a heavily Reggae oriented track with Snoop Melodically delivering a patois styled rendition over an authentic Reggae track.

 On first listening of the new looked Snoop (dread locks and all), it is evident that he is happy where he is artistically and maybe even where he is spiritually no matter what Snoop has achieved throughout his illustrious and colourful career this has to be one of his boldest moves to challenge himself to being excepted as a credible Reggae artist and not to be perceived as a gimmick.  Funny enough the La La La track comes off as very gimmicky at first almost comical but I have found myself reciting the track throughout my day encompassing an infectious liking to it ironically. We have seen the transition from gangster rapper to pop artist to Reggae artist and have to commend Snoop for reinventing himself time and time again, let’s not forget that rap and Reggae share similar origins and are deemed as close cousins in the music world so the transition is not that far-fetched.  Snoop Lion recently performed some of his new material at a Montreal stage show which went down well with his many fans, commanding the stage with the charisma we are used to seeing from the iconic veteran.  Many have formed the opinion that it was the marijuana smoked by Rastas that enticed the former Dogg farther which would be easy to diagnose the test of time will be the barer of the truth stay tuned to hear if Snoop stays roaring or reverts back to barking ….

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