News Flash!! Morocco’s Homeless team may not be able to compete at The Homeless World Cup!!!

Amigol The official mascot of the Homeless World Cup 2012 in Mexico City

Stunning news!

After being accepted to take part in The Homeless World Cup next month in Mexico City, the Moroccan team face their first challenge before even kicking a ball.

The Homeless World Cup is due to kick off on the 6th of October which is just over 2 weeks away but tragically, the Moroccan men’s and women’s teams are facing the prospect of not taking part due to lack of funds to cover the flights!

In recent months, talks between The Morocco Street Football Association and  The Homeless World Cup resulted in Morocco being offered places at the annual tournament for the first time in the Nation’s history.  Our sources at The Morocco Street Football Association tell us that “We’re in a race against time to make sure this happens!  We were given the opportunity on the 10th September and don’t want to lose it! It’s an amazing opportunity that should not be missed given the positive far reaching impact it will have on our players.  A great deal of work has gone into achieving places for our men and women in the tournament as well as many days working with consulates in Morocco and London chasing identity documents.  Right now we don’t even have any kit for the players but we hope that either Puma ot the Moroccan Royal Football Federation can supply that.  Food and accommodation is covered by the Homeless World Cup and the Mexico City Organising Committee – all we need now is a hero to help us buy the flights!”

Each year, the Homeless World Cup is held in the centre of a major international city, this years event takes place in Mexico City and Poland has won the bid to hold 2013’s event.  The Homeless World Cup use the event to show the public, politicians and tourists a very different view of homeless people and the impact on players is phenomenal with over 90% experiencing a renewed motivation in life as a result of taking part.

The Morocco Homeless World Cup squad consists of 2 teams aged 16yrs+. 8 men and 8 women (15 players from The Walou Street Child Charity at their partner centre in Northern Morocco and 1 London based Moroccan, Aziz, the captain).  All have identity documents ready for travel except Aziz and 4 of the female players but the founder of The Homeless World Cup, Mel Young, has stepped in to help support their applications which will hopefully speed up the process.  Everyone is fighting to make this happen and just the byproduct achievement of obtaining identification is a major boost to the homeless player’s opportunities in the future.

The Morocco team are now in a race against time to secure sponsorship to travel to Mexico City with the deadline of the 2nd of October rapidly approaching.
In the last 48hrs, Moroccan international player and QPR Premier League star, Adel Taarabt, has shown support for the cause by raising awareness via twitter.  The latest word is that Iberia Airlines are currently considering sponsorship and they operate the preferred travel route from Morocco via Madrid to Mexico City which would save considerable costs on visas for the 24 strong delegation.
Hopefully something can be worked out before the deadline but until then the clock is ticking!  Call the Morocco Street Football Association 24hrs on +448450527733

India’s womens team

Nigerian Womens team

The Morocco Street Football Association

Desmond Tutu, speaking at Cape Town Homeless World Cup 2006: “All over the world, we have got to end homelessness. Everyone should have a home.”

Michel Platini, President UEFA: “UEFA have partnered the Homeless World Cup since its first tournament in 2003. We share its vision of helping homeless people through football.”

Hannah Jones, VP Nike Sustainable Business and Innovation: “Nike believe in the power of sport to change people’s lives. The Homeless World Cup delivers this and that is why we have been partners with them since 2003.”

Eric Cantona, Global Ambassador: “Everybody needs to wake up with a goal. The Homeless World Cup brings this opportunity, to go into training and to change your life.”

Emmanuel Petit, Global Ambassador: “Football is a powerful influence. When you take someone from the street and put them in a square football pitch, as Homeless World Cup does, that’s life, that’s society. The players have to respect themselves and each other.”

Testimonials from last years Homeless World Cup in Paris




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