Current World Media’s App Review

Welcome Current World readers to our App review of the week!

The Wattpad App.

This App is a digital online journal/e-book reader and self publishing tool. You can read books, blogs and short stories aswell as publishing your own book, story or blog. The App also has a eReader and tablet review section. If you love literature this App is for you.

Rating: @@@@@

The Instamessage App.

So we’ve all heard of Instagram? just incase you havent its an online picture sharing App, Instamessage is the little brother that allows you to add text to colourful pre loaded pictures you can also connect with Instagram users privately. Ideal for creating display pic’s or a creative power point tool basically just a fun App. The Android version is called Insta Talks.

Rating: @@@@@

The U Stream App.

If you are involved in media in any way you should like this App, this App has hundreds (maybe not hundreds but there’s lots!) of live and prerecorded streaming channels to watch. You can also host your own channel and build an audience in pretty much what ever category you choose.

Rating: @@@@@


Current World Media Team

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