Sport London E Benfica Futsal Team

Sport London E Benfica Futsal Team

In January 2012 Sport London E Benfica Futsal team made club history in the clubs first attempt in a competitive Futsal league. Managed by Jose’ Viana SLBF took part in the Middx Futsal 5’s league, SLBF went 12 games unbeaten drawing 1 game to become Middx Futsal 5’s Champions. One thing was for certain this team is here to stay! SLBF play a quick and aggressive attacking style with a very strong defence the question is after gaining promotion to The National 2nd Div South could they maintain their style of play?

Sport London E Benfica vs London United U21’s

Well in the season break SLBF played a 3 team friendly at The Birmingham Futsal Arena against Div 1 North Liverpool Futsal Club and Div 1 Midlands Birmingham Futsal Club. The question of SLBF being able to maintain their style of play was answered with a 3-2 victory over BFC and an 8-8 draw against LFC finishing top of the friendly table against two teams a league above!

Sport London E Benfica vs Birmingham Futsal Club, Liverpool Futsal Club

The Middx Futsal 5’s league 2012-2013 kicked off in September and SLBF are back to defend their title. Winning their first match against Kuwait 9-1 and their second match 6-3 against 14 Stars SLBF remain unbeaten in the Futsal 5’s League.
On 21st of October The Div 2 South campaign was started with a 5-3 away victory against Maccabi GB at The Sport House. So SLBF are also off to a good start in The Nationals with an away fixture against bottom of the table FC Enfield on the 28/10/12. Let’s hope they continue to make history with their unbeaten run which now stands at 17 games 15 wins 2 draws 0 losses.


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  1. Hi,

    My name is Natalie. I am a soccer fanatic here in Maidstone.

    I am guessing you guys have heard of or seen Ronaldo’s new game

    I was just writing around because my mates and I are one of the teams for London and we are trying to get other local groups to finish getting their teams together.

    I didn’t see any coverage on your site yet so thought maybe you could talk about it!

    Natalie Layne
    natalie.layne.50 on FB

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