Current World Media’s App Review November

Welcome Current World readers to our App review of the month!

Sky Cloud Wifi

Took their time in our opinion but better late than never, for techno wiz’s on the go Sky Cloud Wifi shows all wifi spots on a map to enable free wireless net surfing. Very convenient app with access to all the other Sky services like your Sky Go, Sky Movies ect great app!.

Rating: @@@@@


Possibly the best movie app we have come across, the consumer is well catered for! News, charts, reviews, interviews, previews and trailers. Very in-depth and even taking UK viewers into consideration.

Rating: @@@@@

Manga Storm.

For all comic fans of Manga! All comic’s are in English and in an easy scrolling style to read. Our only complaint but not really a complaint is most of the comics are in original format ( black & white ) but good read nonetheless.

Rating: @@@@@

Current World Media Team


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