Current World Media Album Review: The Goldsmiths – ‘Pure Bullion’

Current World Media Album Review: The Goldsmiths- ‘Pure Bullion

The Goldsmiths @Goldsmiths938
@JoeSpesh @Magevizo

Ok so catch up time!!

The Goldsmiths, consist of Family members @Magevizo and @JoeSpesh previously known as Uncivilised / U1 from North West London. They are deep rooted within Northwest London Hip-Hop scene. @Magevizo prowess as a certified producer as brought him production accolades with fellow Northweezee’s rap icon K-Koke on the road anthem ‘Burners out’ and @joeSpesh as been noted for his immaculate writing and delivery ad has been hailed as an inspiring mentor to many a London rapper, especially in the North West borough.

Pure Bullion

The Goldsmiths

This is a Hip-Hop Mixtape!!!!  These tracks have been put together over a few years and show the scale, writing ability and flare of The Goldsmiths. Pure Bullion has the UK Wu-Tang feel which is not a diss, it’s an accolade because for the scale at which UK Hip-Hop is today, any artist or rapper that can take you back to the true essence is real to the game!!!

19 tracks of thought provoking, spirit rising head nodding hip-hop!  You will easily find more than 3 tracks that you’ll Favourite!!! Below is my stand out tracks and I’m sure you hear why!!!

Magevizo And Joe Spesh

In no order!!

Starry Eyed-This walk you into the room and sits you down and feeds you a slice or Northwest London hip-hop music!!!

We Not Having It ft Native– Wow, introducing a U1 member that prepped us for that Midlands rap flow!!! This feels like chypher!!!

Method of a Goldsmith-This takes you in to hip-hop head nod mode

Stresses– There is nothing better than a story telling hip-hop track, this is a solid dose!

We People– As true Hip-hop artist do they share their knowledge and this a thought provoking array of lyrical edutainment.

Others to check out: ‘Way of the World’, ‘Nobody’ & ‘U1 Forever’.

Overall this Street album (Mixtape) is a true dose of The Goldsmiths, those who have been following them know that this project going viral will mark a milestone on the path that awaits these true ambassadors of North West London, London Hip-Hop scene.


@thatproducergi / Meta5 / @Macnificent32




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