Current World Media Interview Pariz 1

At this moment in time music in the UK is commanding respect internationally I believe this is because the UK have finally embraced its own culture. So what better time than now to step up and showcase your armoury
particularly as a female MC, If you did not know there are quite a few female MC’s in the UK in my personal opinion there just not very good!.
This is down to poor understanding of the art form ( HipHop ) on a whole and voyeuristic producers abusing the fact they have access to a recording studio which a lot of female MC’s don’t have.
So when I hear Pariz 1 is getting ready to drop a project I’m all ears! we caught up with Pariz 1 and had a chat.
 So you’ve been in London for a while now but what originally brought you to the capital?
Pariz 1
 I originally came to London to go to University, after that, I was approached by a group of young men who had an independent label called Streetdreams Entertainment and they had heard me rap and wanted me to join their crew, so that gave me a reason to stay around and develop my sound and get serious about the music.

 When you was growing up was you influenced more by a female rapper
or did that not make a difference? And was Hiphop your musical inspiration?

Pariz 1
Growing up I was influenced by whoever had something worthwhile to say female or male. As a child I grew up on Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown, Stevie Wonder and old soul music, I was only introduced to Hip-Hop in 1990, thats when I heard Monie Love, Queen Latifah, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and started to really get into the older stuff that I’d missed out on for being too young.

What’s your opinion on UK Hiphop & Hiphop in general. Also what do
you make of the new fashion look rappers are embracing? (Skinny Jeans, tight leather jackets with studs??)

Pariz 1
 UK Hip-Hop is on the rise again I think, I guess people are getting tired of the more gimmick side of rap music and actually want to start hearing real lyricists again. As for the fashion, all I’ll say is if dudes jeans are tighter than mine and he got more studs and bling on his clothes than me then we have a serious problem.

Outside of music & Hiphop what are your interests?

Pariz 1

Out side of Hip-Hop and Music I read books, I’m big into reading so I have a massive collection of books from Macbeth to Maya Angelou and I love cooking, so I bake cakes and cook with my son.


So what you up to now ? I’ve heard your working on a mixtape, who’s on it and when’s it due out? 

Pariz 1
I’m in the process of recording a mixtape entitled ‘From Pariz With Love’ and god willing I’ll have it done by the end of march ready to go, I’m also working on an EP with AC Layne for TE1 Productions and so far I have a few really solid collabs but I’m gonna keep them secret for now, lets just say I plan to bring back a few you ain’t heard for a hot minute
 Is there anyone artist that you would like to work with both in the UK & the world?
Pariz 1
 In the UK I’d like to work with Mz Dynamite and Omar and in the world, I’d love to collab with Mary J Blige and Nas


In your opinion what’s missing from the UK music scene? And are there any new UK artists that have grabbed your attention?

Pariz 1

Whats missing is unity, too many artists are up their own arse and it’s frustrating. New artists that have grabbed my attention……Well I like Crime & Brown, Raw Smilez, Young Lex, to name just a few but they are people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with or meeting, if I’m honest I don’t know the names of any new ones because nobody has been that stand out for me.


Pariz 1


What was your shock of the year & highlight of the year in 2012?

Pariz 1

 Nothing really shocked me in 2012 to be honest, I’m not easy to shock lol My highlight was seeing my 6 year old sing his solo in his school Christmas concert, all on his own and in perfect pitch lol #Proud


#Whatsonyourmindnow ?

Pariz 1

At this moment, my mind is excited about linking Nutty P for a long overdue Bakery session at his studio, where we cook up that magic for you guys ears lol.

So there you go that’s Pariz 1, we here at Current World Media look forward to the arrival of  ‘From Pariz With Love’ stay tuned people!!

Catch Pariz 1 Ft on Caine Marko’s All Black Everything Remix




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Worship Team

Current World Media



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