Get Your Hoof Out Of My Burger!

Get Your Hoof Out Of My Burger!

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I have no problem telling you that I’m extremely concerned/scared with
the food industry of today. Here we are in 2013 with fresh concerns
regarding food production in the UK with cheeky major food corporations telling
us that maybe more than 29%  ( that’s a 3rd! )of  Beef meat has been contaminated.
Contamination is when a uncontrolled bacteria through human negligence is exposed
to a main source. But all the main concerns seem to be what percentage of
the meat is Horse and if the Horse contains animal tranquillisers and
other types of medication. So can someone  explain to me why dead
Horses/carcasses are hanging around in a meat factory that’s supposed to
supply Beef products? It has since emerged that the meat in question
comes from Romania, Poland, France and the Netherlands. You might also know that allegedly in Romania they
are trying to get horse & carts of there roads so there’s a lot of
spare horses being slaughtered (bargain priced of course!) However Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has reacted angrily stating that other Western European countries have more powerful media tools in regards to deflecting attention away from their own country! And who buys this stock? Findus! And other large companies, which also raises questions about the meat labelled Halal is it really Halal? How do we know its real contents?

So ten years from now what will we be eating? I can tell you one thing
if things carry on the way they are now I won’t be eating meat at all!
To think vegetarians & vegans must have been laughing there socks off
when the news came on! But seriously the last time something like this
happened humans were diagnosed with BSE (Mad cows disease) years later
after discovering Contaminated samples was in mass circulation.

So when you look at it there really is only two solutions 1. Source
your own meat from a trusted farm/abattoirs or 2. Just stop eating meat
all together! Its not like our bodies need it we just like eating it.
These people obviously do not have our health at the forefront of
there priorities. I can’t imagine the head director at Findus goes
home and tucks into a meal containing meat from their own factory! So
the writings on the wall along with all the other things in life that
can kill you or cause harm to your health we now have to add suspect
meat packages to the list thanks!


Joke of the day!

2 Horses get lost from there group one turns to the other and says I bet they can’t FIND US!!! “

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Worship Team

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