Baby Blu And Peaches Present : Queens Of The Pack @ The Queen of Hoxton

Baby Blu And Peaches Present
Queens Of The Pack 


Wednesday night saw the launch of The Queens Of The Pack  at The Queen of Hoxton which was a barrel of laughs, a unique event paying homage to female artists, comedians, dancers and DJ’s. Hosted by Peaches and Sizterly Love with DJ BabyBlu and DJ Fearny spinning on the decks. This event took me back to the 90’s fantastic vibe that you seldom feel nowadays. For once an even balance of Oestrogen and testosterone was in the house which is more than likely why the vibe was so good. Not to take away from any of the other performances on the night but for me Amy True a great vocalist with stage presents to remember topped it, Amy True also invited her crew Caxton Press ( Hiphop artists ) on stage and spat some bars with them.

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Other performances on the night came from Poni ( HipHop artist) Call Mee Unique ( Vocalist), Variety D ( Comedian ), Lyrically Challenged ( Group, 3 Rappers 1 Vocalist ), London Collective ( Dance Group ) N’CHYX ( MC ) and Zina ( Graffiti Artist ). Also there was a guest appearance from Skinnyman before Tantrum closed the night.
The Queens Of The Pack is a quarterly event and should not be missed!

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