Current World Media Interview TE 1 Productions

In a time where UK Music is taking the forefront with innovative sounds another giant has emerged by the name of  TE1 Productions.
Theres a sound coming out of TE1 Productions a sound that if you were an original HipHop/RnB listener in the 90‘s sounds welcomely familiar but new! In my personal opinion it’s the lack of homage to the arts (Hiphop/RnB ect) which sometimes makes for a diluted sound. However this is a production house that knows its musical history and Current World Media was privileged to meet up with TE1 Productions to hear some future sounds and have a chat.
First off can you explain the thinking behind the name TE1 Productions?
TE 1
It stands for The Esoteric 1. I heard the word “esoteric” in a sound engineering class one day, when used to describe a certain sound and when I found out what it meant, it just stuck with me.

When did you start producing? And who was the first proper artist you worked with?

TE 1

I started producing around 2006/7. Before that I’d made beats and learned a lot about the production process but never really got into the fully fledged art of producing until later on. All the artists I work with are, in my opinion, of a high calibre so it’s tough to really define proper. If you mean mainstream, then I guess I haven’t worked with any. But I say that with absolutely no regrets because when it comes to artists to work with, I’m a little spoiled to be honest.


How would you describe your production style? And what’s your preferred method of working with an artist?

TE 1
I’d say my style was everything I ever listened to grown up, all brought into one composition. That’s the best I can do without giving too much information overload. When I work with artists, I like to feed off their vibe, that way when I make the music for them it’s as close to being tailor made for them as possible.

Could you give us a list of artists that you’ve worked with in the past 12 months?

TE 1

Tone Richardson, Pariz 1, Crime, Brown, Kyza, Joe Spesh & Incisive


You’ve recently done a track with Incisive Ft Shakka titled “Where is he” that was in the MTV Base top ten how did that come about? 

TE 1

I’d been working with Incisive and Shakka occasionally since early 2007 and we’d done a few demos. Some made it through to become tracks others were just left. It just so happened Incisive revisited this song in the form of a car show series he was performing on YouTube. After hearing it again we all decided to add some more to the song and add it to a mixtape Incisive was putting out. I’m pretty surprised it done as well as it did, because at the time it was made, we never really gave it that much thought.

What’s your view on the level of  UK music production and artists?
TE 1
 It’s not in a bad place. A lot more strong upcoming producers and artists are starting to surface and do good things and inspiring to see because the competition level keeps me working harder. I don’t actually think the level of production in the UK (across time) has necessarily been poor because we influenced a lot of the sounds you hear in the current market.


So what’s next? What have you got dropping & are there any dates planned?

TE 1

I need to finish the projects I’ve started. I have a few I’m working on that are coming along well and should be coming out in the later parts for the year.


#Whatsonyourmindnow ?

TE 1

Just anxious to get this work finished and out to those who’ll appreciate it.

We here at Current World Media are eagerly awaiting to hear the  projects coming out of TE1 Productions. With at least 7 missiles to launch (projects with quality artists) we are expecting wave after wave of attack  from TE1 Productions from now until the end of next year.




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Worship Team

Current World Media




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