Current World Media App Review May 2013

Welcome Current World readers to our App review of the month!



Category : Utilities : Free App on IOS £2.95 on Android

This App featured on Dragons Den in 2012 it allows you to jump UK call centre queue’s and also gives you free calls to 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers, This App will save you some money on calls!


RATING: @@@@@

Toy Story : Smash It


Category : Games : Free App

Following the mold of Angry Birds, Disney now have the colourful world of Toy Story when it comes to knocking stuff down, nice and simple great fun for the children.



Category : Social Networking : Free App

This is the latest of the new wave of Video social networking much like Keek, Vine allows you to upload short video clips that can be looped and as ever there’s a ton of interesting people to interact with. Where not quite sure about this App mainly because of the similarities to other video social networking sites tell us what you think.


Ironman 3 – The Official Game

Category : Games : Free App

Coinciding with the release of the latest installment from Marvel, The Ironman 3 game is visually stunning and has some depth to it with lots of extras to build different Ironman suits etc. A flying shoot em up game can’t go wrong with that we’re having great fun with this.

RATING: @@@@@




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