Babyblu & Peaches Presents:Love 2 Laugh Review 28th April 2013

Love 2 Laugh, 28th April 2013, Proud Cabaret, EC2A 7AH.

We laughed, we gasped, we enjoyed…… We attended a Show Love Promotions event hosted by the King of comedy, Kat Boyce, and trust me you had to be on your guard! There is no denying that Kat is one of the funniest comedians/hosts we have in this country. He knows just what to say at just the right time and is very good at thinking on his feet. The audience was engaged but feared being targeted.

Comedy on the night was provided by Jamie Howard, Axel and Glenda JaxsonAxel stole the show as he was consistent and had the audience bending over in their seats with his quick wit and no holds barred frankness. His jokes seemed to roll on at the pace of a boxer who had you up against the ropes giving you just enough time to catch your breath before hitting you with the next ‘punch’ line. Glenda Jaxson, a Queen of comedy in her own right had a seamless tempo and being a true veteran of comedy her jokes were ‘seasoned’ just right. The saying ‘many a true word said in jest’ comes to mind as a lot of her comedy was brought on by true to life events. Jamie Howard (a white comic on a black comedy night……gasp…lol) was very controversial, touching nerves that left some members of the audience in disbelief… ‘He went there’. The general feeling at our table was that his performance started off well, with some controversy to let us know that he meant business however too many of his jokes turned out to be race related which in the end got a bit dry and left a bad taste in most our mouths.

There were also performances from Brick City, a vocal group consisting of 4 members, 3 guys and a girl, all singers. Their performance was pretty good however they did not have the feel of a group that have been together for a long time. It felt as though they are still finding their feet, or should I say their harmonies with one another. The other vocal performance on the night came from Alxa who had a very powerful voice and sounds like she could go far with the right guidance.

The professionalism from the Show Love team and the vibes on the night was so sweet! I would definitely recommend the show to anyone who enjoys comedy and wants a nice night, with good vibes and no problems.

Rating: 7/10

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 Baby Blu & Peaches 


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