Current World Media Album Review: GhostFace Killah & Adrian Yonge (12 Reasons To Die)

Current World Media Album Review: GhostFace Killah & Adrian Yonge (12 Reasons To Die)

12 Reasons To Die

Ghostface Killah arguably the hardest working member of The Wu Tang Clan  has released 12 Reasons To Die. This is far from an ordinary project teaming up with The Rza and Adrian Younge to produce 12 Reasons To Die an acoustic infused album project which will also serve as an Italian horror film score. Released on the Rza’s label Soul Temple Records this is Ghostface’s 10th album and is a conceptual album, set in 1960‘s Italy Tony Starks is a enforcer for The DeLuca crime family. Tony Starks is murdered for falling in love with the bosses daughter and his remains are melted down in vinyl and pressed into 12 LP’s. When the records are played they resurrect Tony Starks as Ghostface Killah with intentions of revenge, now some people have suggested that this is a way for Ghostface to kill off his alter ego for good only time will tell. With features from Cappadonna, Killa Sin, Inspectah Deck, U God, Masta Killa and William Hart of the 60‘s group The Delfonics this is definitely a strong project.
Ghostface & Adrian Younge are coming to the end of their 49 city tour with with Adrian Younge’s band Venice Dawn and Wu brother Killah Priest.

The Brown Tape

This is an alternative version of 12 Reasons To Die produced by Apollo Brown with virtually the same tracks apart from the self titled track ( 12 Reasons To Die ).  Essentially The Brown Tape is a studio produced album without live instruments. The authentic crackling  synonymous with vinyl records can be heard on some tracks bringing that 90‘s HipHop sound.

Deluxe Double CD , Digital Deluxe Version & 12 DeLucas Version

As a special treat 12 Reasons To Die has a Deluxe Double CD version with an instrumental CD and mini Comic Book a Digital Deluxe version that also comes with instrumental tracks of the album and a digital version of the Comic Book. Then you have The 12 Delucas Private Press version which has only 100 copies worldwide and The 12 DeLucas version which has 400 copies worldwide. The DeLucas Private Press version  has 2 clear and blood drenched  coloured vinyls, double CD, Cassette, 12 x 12 Wood Block with 12 Reasons To Die graphics ready to hang, double sided poster and 12 Reasons To Die vol 1 Comic Book genuine collectors items.

12 Reasons To Die The Comic Book

What can only be described as a very good business mind Ghostface has expanded his empire of assets by adding a comic to his growing list. 12 Reasons To Die The Comic comes as a 6 issue series from Black Mask Studios with some well known comic illustrators contributing. In the comic you get to follow the Tony Starks DeLuca family story which is sure to start a legacy of shoot off projects. For any comic enthuses this is a gem! the comic artistry is great on the eyes and is true to tradition.

12 tracks that will bang your eardrums! you don’t often get a choice of 3 versions of an album so we are definitely spoilt for choice here’s some of my favourites

In no order!!

 I Declare War ( Brown Tape )

The Sure Shot

Enemies All Around Me ( Brown Tape ) 

Rise Of The GhostFace Killah

Beware Of The Stare ( Brown Tape ) 


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