WHO IS SHE-FMP (Friday Morning Poem)


Veronica Henriques
Veronica Henriques

She’s beautiful, she’s wonderful, she’s black and ambitious

She walks with her head held high and looks to the sky, she knows why!

She came from hardship and struggle, abuse and emotional torture

 But she remained self driven, and allowed her faith to carry her

She has an essence that captivates unforeseen attention

And an aura that suggests she’s focused on her direction

She’s bitter but sweet and often seems good enough to eat

She motivates and inspires those in her environment

And believes in providing people with pleasant treatment

She’s dedicated and confident that she will succeed

She has visions, goals, and targets to be achieved

She mesmerises male crowds whenever she enters into a venue

And becomes the subject of conversation or the starter on a menu

However, she concentrates on the important aspects of life

And has been told many times she has the qualities of a wife

She goes about on her journey in her cheerful merry way

And continues to be hopeful that she’ll make it some day

Her name is MARMITE!

She’s curvaceous, voluptuous and intelligent too

She’s sophisticated, elegant, humble and true

Do you hate her or love her?

Written By

Veronica Henriques-@tootch2005


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