Holiday Hair

Holiday Hair

Your bags are packed, passports are ready and thanks to six months of hard work your body is buffed and bikini ready, but what about your hair? For most black women heading on a beach holiday means an annual debate on whether to wear your hair in braids or a weave.  Saltwater and chlorine are notoriously damaging to afro hair and prolonged exposure combined with heat from the sun can undo all of your good work.  Once dry the residue left over can form crystals in your hair and break it from the shaft. So how do you solve your holiday woes?

“Braids are a good way to protect your tresses on holiday but they don’t offer the same versatility as a weave. Most of my clients want to wear their hair in loose waves  for that beach goddess look but open weaves can be a problem as your parting can still be damaged” says top stylist and colourist Ireena Mwanza of Look Good Feel Good London . “A lot of celebrities are rocking lace fronts but if you don’t have your own personal hair stylist on hand the combination of glue and direct sunlight can loosen your wig. Re-applying the glue yourself isn’t recommended unless you are a professional.  A closed weave is a good alternative but if you want a parting these tend to look rather unnatural.“

So how can you achieve a natural yet healthy hair style? Human hair closures are the latest celebrity hair care secret and now thanks to Remy Hair Club you can buy these online. Launched in 2013, the British owned online retailer sell 100% virgin premium hair extensions and all of their products are ethically sourced from only the most trusted suppliers. These easily attachable wefts are available in a variety of hair textures and can easily be sewn in by your hairdresser, giving you the look of a lace front without the fear of damaging your hair.

Closures are definitely the new in thing at the moment” says Mwanza “They are simple to sew in and because they are human hair you can dye them to easily recreate all of this season’s hottest looks, from grown out roots and hombre to dip dye. “

Ranging in lengths from 8 to 26 inches all the wefts are reusable, with the most expensive closure tipping the scale at a mere £135. So whether you want  Naomi Campbell’s super sleek centre parting or Kim Kardashian’s bouncy beach waves, you can enjoy a relaxing swim knowing the only thing you have to worry about is sharks.

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Florence Sogga – @flowriter87


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