Great Britain’s obsession with Gambling

Great Britain’s Obsession With Gambling

Great Britain as it stands is in serious debt with figures running into the billions. So does anyone know why Gambling is being promoted so heavily? Every and I mean every community in London’s 32 boroughs has at least two betting shops on the high street, every corner shop and every super market facilitates a form of gambling/betting/lottery or scratch card. Not to mention the constant barrage on the television,radio and endless supply of online gambling at your fingertips. This is all being rammed down consumer throats whether you like it or not. The campaign has nearly sucked everybody in , The National Lottery has been taking consumers money since 1994 (yes that’s right profiting off dashed hopes).

I recently was watching a film on the television and lost count of how many offers I was presented with, Online casinos, sky bet, roulette and a strange man dressed as a woman who seems to have a unnoticed gambling problem. And this went on during every commercial break, imagine being sick at home watching the television for a week, if you have never gambled before they will be there to guide you through the whole process to make sure you have another go!
Now obviously gambling is not everyone’s cup of tea but when options are minimal desperation makes human beings do strange things. I grew up in a time when cigarettes was advertised on the television which was eventually stopped because of the health risk implications. Gambling in turn seems to have replaced that alongside alcohol as there’s obviously no visible health threats!
Apart from the 18 + T&C Apply (which is only visible on a 50” television through squinting) there are no health warnings or gamble responsibility messages before during or after (we get a warning when it’s a political party broadcast message though) and this is deemed normal?

In these difficult economic times it’s kind of amazing that so many gambling ads are in circulation. As I said before there is no guidance information accompanied with these adverts and a young generation are growing up assuming this is part of life.
Yes there are age restrictions that apply but look how easy it is to sign up.

All you have to do is click a button!

In February 2011 The Health Lottery was purchased from The Altala Group (who went into administration in 2009!) and launched in the UK with the annual goal of raising £50 million for health related charities. However the lottery was criticised for only donating 20.3% of the ticket price to stated health related charities as opposed to the 28% donated by The National Lottery. And was described as a “disgraceful development” by Sir Stephen Bubb of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations. This is just one example of unwholesomeness within the industry and subsequently in October 2011 The Gambling Commission announced that they would investigate the legality of The Health Lottery. So all is not rosie nor is it clear in the murky world of gambling no matter how benevolent the cause may be!

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So ultimately what I am saying is that there is way too much exposure for gambling in this country, little or no guidance restrictions and a disturbing obsessive affliction to gambling in general. Its one thing to gamble knowing you have plenty of coins in your bank but its quite a different scenario if you’re weighing up your family food budget with having a cheeky punt down the bookies, buying a losing roll of scratch cards or remotely gambling off your mobile device. Its a well known fact that suicide rates rise during periods of economic difficulty! now if little old me knows that then the powers that be know that but choose to capitalise of the masses so next time you’re about to buy a scratch card or any other type of gambling bare that in mind.

If you feel that you’re fighting a losing battle with gambling REMEMBER! do not try and control it all by yourself speak to someone asap before you lose all what you have!!

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