Kendrick’s Control Aftermath

Kendrick’s Control Aftermath

The dust has settled a little bit after Kendrick Lamar’s somewhat controversial verse on Big Shawn’ s track entitled “Control” which sent shock waves through the rap world.  Various artists were mentioned in Kendrick’s lyrical onslaught which many deemed as disrespectful and within the climate of rap beef it gave a bunch of Mc’s a calling to do their own versions of the song. The majority of responses came from artists who weren’t mentioned in the verse most notably Joel Ortiz, Cassidy & Papoose who all felt disrespected due to Kendrick’s king of New York statement.  The true meaning behind the verse is much bigger than New York it stipulates that the current rap scene has been diluted to the point of actually transforming the scene to appreciating dumbed down lyrics.  The current crop of Mc’s rarely go above and beyond to demonstrate lyrical wizardry and are much more comfortable churning out the same basic uninspiring music which is definitely over rated and easily forgotten.  The rap scene is severely lacking in the creativity aspect with the beat being much more appealing than the actual artist rhyming on the track.  I listened to Kendrick’s verse a few times and fully respected the reason that made him execute such a lyrical onslaught, I didn’t hear him diss anyone in the verse he was just trying to get the scene to up their bars which is definitely something that the games been screaming out for.  Today’s rappers rarely impress as it all sounds replicated devoid of any substance which is a very worrying element due to how well it is received by the masses.

The art of putting together a credible album had been lost which is why I give Kendrick Lamar props for delivering an album that felt like an album covering various subject matters and delivered an insight into Kendrick with a well produced collection of tracks that tied together well.  The sheer amount of below par Mc’s that have come to prominence is staggering to the point of finding it hard to see a future for the genre.  2 Chainz, Drake, Asap Rocky are just a few names guilty of taking the game down it is definitely a whole new era and environment.  There are many factors that have transformed the game within my opinion the Internet has played a major role with the accessibility to music and the ability to become a star overnight is far more easier now more than ever.  Artists only need to have big presents on Youtube, Twitter etc artists can move forward to becoming a household name extremely quickly which Is a gift and a curse in retrospect.  The fact that everything is so accessible takes away the true training needed to be an accomplished Mc and it is to the detriment of the music.  Quality control has been thrown out the window which  probably is the biggest reason of the dropping of levels , a large majority of today’s Mc’s wouldn’t even of registered in former times and have been given a pass to bring the game into disrepute. So reverting back to the controversial verse every artist has a responsibility to respect the genre and deliver credible music that represents themselves to the fullest bringing forth originality In the field.

If you haven’t heard the track listen below!

Here’s what Papoose thinks about it

And here’s Papoose’s response to Kendrick’s verse on Control

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