First things first you need 8 Gigs of memory space if you want to play this game!

So the wait is over let’s not beat around the bush this game easily gets a 5 out of 5 @‘s! and I will tell you why. To me their are only 3 games capable of destroying a relationship in at number 3. Call Of Duty 2. Pro/Fifa 1. GTA. Now for a relationship to collapse because of a game it has to be able to make you redirect all of your attention. It has to be able to constantly supply high levels of enjoyment, satisfaction, challenging problem solving at the same time as being visually and audibly appeasing. GTA V does not fail to deliver (hence there will be a lot of relationships ending by the time Christmas gets here lol) those people over at Rockstar will probably set some major sales records with this one.


Game Play

Smooth like Sunday morning! so far I have not come across any glitches of any kind. The interaction between the player’s is what makes this installment all the more enjoyable. The added dimension of being able to assemble the appropriate team for specific missions with the inclusion of fellow characters adds even more depth to the game.


Shown below are just some of the activities you can take part in. You can also build up a property portfolio and buy shares in companies like Clucking Bell, Burger Shot and many others. You also have your standard car race’s, Motorbike race’s, Triathlon, Strip Club, Scuba diving and probably a few more activities I have not discovered yet.

Graphics and Audio

They have definitely gone the extra mile with regards to graphics and audio . Both in game and cinematic scenes look more intense whilst the scenery itself is enough to get lost in. GTA have never struggled when it comes to their audio contribution, from the likes of  Yuna, Smokey Robinson, Lee Scratch Perry, Yellow Man, Stardust, Tupac, NWA, Dogg Pound and many more. Variety is not the word and I have even found myself pulling over to actually listen to the radio.



Michael, Franklin and Trevor what an interesting amalgamation of urban entrepreneurs . The clever part is the way they have incorporated parts from previous GTA’s like The Lost Biker Gang and The Grove Street Gang. All 3 characters have interesting backgrounds which funny enough slightly affects the way in which you approach missions.



My only gripe is why did they release screen shots of the online mode only for me to discover that I have to wait until October! Very disappointed about that but honestly if that is the only thing I have to complain about then it can’t be that bad Rockstar we salute you!

Rating : @@@@@


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