New Music and Future Sounds|Hip-Hop Hot Links |by @ButchKassidy

Check out a few hot links forwarded to us !!!

G-Rod (feat. Chi-Ali) – “Untouchable”

G-Rod is pleased to release “Untouchable,” the latest release from his Sour Music Group imprint, featuring Bronx rap legend Chi-Ali.

BKFEEDBACK ” nice to hear Chi-ALi his name pops up in many a convo at CWM headqtrs, productions cool !”

BK Rating @@@@

Archie Bang – “Apollo Creed” (prod. by Jean Kengz)

(taken from sound cloud) Although Archie Bang may not yet be a household name just yet, his dedication to perfecting his craft sets him apart from the bulk of today’s artists. Named after the brash and charismatic athlete from the Rocky series, “Apollo Creed” is a statement of intent.

BKFEEDBACK “he’s a grower I think he can, and yes, (off of only listening to this one track), carve out his own audience, he sounds pure and that a plus in my book”

BK Rating @@@@

Alterbeats (feat. Guilty Simpson & The Rockness Monstah) – “Fruit Punch”

(from soundcloud) In promotion for ALTERPROD’s sophomore compilation album Class Struggle, which is set for an October 29th release date, the French production, design and video consortium unveil the project’s inaugural leak “Fruit Punch,” featuring bothGuilty Simpson and The Rockness Monstah

BKFEEDBACK “nice to hear so eff you rap, thumbs upsweet beats”

BK Rating @@@@

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