Current World Media Album Review: Pariz 1|Wibz Wednesdays

Happy New Year, 2014 is here, so let’s go

Kicking off of with one of the first Albums of many we will be reviewing this year introducing 

Pariz 1 | Wibz Wednesdays |

Pariz | Wibz Wednesdays |Nutty P

Part of Bakery Session produced by Nutty P

RATING @@@@@

Released just before the festive season of 2013, this is the latest offering from Miss Pariz 1, Nottingham’s veteran rapper has hooked up with one of London infamous producers Nutty P to bring this solid project to life.

I like to go to the negatives first, why because there only one, some vocals let down certain banging tracks. Pariz covers all bases that a rapper should

Story telling ability

Lyrical dexterity

Content and subject matter


Writing ability

These are the basic, but yet important factors of any artist ‘s make up and this project has it in abundance. Nutty P has supplied some serious head nod banging tracks, that compliment Pariz’s flow.

14 tracks of well written, well performed music, you can relate to every track on the project in one way or another, I skipped one track, which is good!!! and most of all you know your listening to a UK Hip-Hop artist with pedigree, certain track you hear her state, she not new to this, and you can tell.


I’m Real | Youts Cry (ft Pesci) | What You Must Do | Can’t get me |

In an interview with

“Pariz touches on some very sobering issues on the project. On It’s You and Youts Cry social issues such as absent fathers in the community and the lack of male role models arise. Pariz reflects, “I think it effects the black community quite a bit. I grew up without my own dad around and was hesitant about speaking about it so publicly but one song is not gonna change the way dads think. The mentality of having more than one child with multiple women to me is not something I want to teach my own child, in my opinion it’s not right and it has adverse effects on them later in life. Without having male role models in the home leaves a lot of hard work for the mother to do which is unfair, being as she didn’t make the child alone.”

read full interview here>>CLICK

Overall a solid UK hip-hop album, which oozes realness and authenticity and is definitely a good representation of where UK hip-hop is and should be. So go buy it !!!

Available from most online stores here >>Click

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