@ButchKassidy Presents| more reasons to follow the The Underachievers

OK, firstly quick shout @jules78 who 14 months ago pointed the finger at these guys <<Click to see blog and first videos from group >>and for that 14 months the progression of their first project cemented it’s self to being the background music for many of our meetings…..

@ButchKassidy Presents| more reasons to follow the The Underachievers

The Underachievers

Who are The Underachievers | Issa Gold (left) & AK (right) |  As members of the Beast Coast movement (which includes Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew), The Underachievers are part of the new wave of rappers that have been coming out of New York. But they’re also repping the West: last summer the duo signed to Flying Lotus’ label in LA, Brainfeeder. ‘Indigoism’ marks the first Brainfeeder/Underachievers collaboration. Dropping February 1st, 2013 | courtsey to DatPiff.com

75,098 | You Tube subscribers


Joined You Tube | June 2012

In September 2012, I was introduce to a new crew from Brooklyn, New York with tracks from their first project called Indigoism  | Rating @@@@@ |

113,059 streams
Released: 02/01/2013
Big shout to the BBC radio 1xtra DJ Semtex who flew out to meet up with them check out the audio interview here CLICK 
Now in the last 6 months,they have put up more videos and released another mixtape and are about to drop their first album titled | THE CELLAR DOOR | 2014
Here are another few reasons, to fall in love with, in the hip hop sense, of the words, The Underachievers
The Underachievers |N.A.S.A | New Age Smokers Anthem |
RATING @@@@@
The Underachievers | LEOPARD SHEPARD |
RATING @@@@@
The Underachievers | THE PROCLAMATION
RATING @@@@@

Download 2nd mixtape below

The Underachievers 

The Lords Of Flatbush


RATINGS @@@@@| Added: 08/29/2013 |

Ok! hear me out, I’m really trying to say these guys are the sh@t they are so inspiring and infectious you will not put the Indigoism mixtape down for a solid month+ and you will forward the link to friends, that you know will appreciate it!!

Why because they are delivering on their mantra, what am I talking about? Watch>>>

The Underachievers Documentary 

So 2014 is the year we will be watching and waiting for the album in the mean time enjoy The Underachievers they are new fresh, well produced, well written , lyrically dexterous and worth a place on any new music hip hop playlist 100%


A few awards or  Hip Hop accolades, mad festival season, crazy freshman figures on indie ‘THE CELLAR DOOR album AND WHAT EVER THEY HAVE PLANNED WILL MAKE A FOOT PRINT ON THE GAME

 I’m happy to say it, ‘I am a fan’ & we will be watching and will continue to spread the word about these guys, ” until the day we meet”

Follow The Underachievers @issa_gold @iunderachieve @theualifestyle

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