Lamb For The Slaughter? Mayweather v Khan

Lamb For The Slaughter? Mayweather v Khan 

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘be careful of what you wish for‘ ? well a few months ago Mr Amir Khan made the brash announcement that he would like his next opponent to be the current  WBC welterweight,  WBA (Super) super welterweight and WBC Super welterweight champion Mr Floyd Pretty Boy Mayweather.

Mr Mayweather responded by asking his Twitter/Instagram followers to decide who he should fight next on May 3rd 2014 in Las Vegas. The votes came in and the people were split between Khan and Argentine Marcos Maidana  apparently some 35,000 votes were cast and the people (rather like the Roman Colosseum) are baying for the blood of Khan.

The funny thing is that it really doesn’t matter who climbs into the ring although I personally believe Maidana would probably be the harder of the two competitors. This however just shows the pivotal role and powerful influence of social online media, in essence the people have choose who should get a crack at the current champ and possibly bag a cool £5 million for successful completion of an impossible mission on the hardest gaming level.

The talk of Khan’s speed being a factor early in the fight is actually quite preposterous Khan is a habitual fight plan ignorer which has always succeeded in ending his fights early and spectacularly.

So remember kids Floyd Mayweather Jr obtained what he has by hard work, dedication and being really good at beating people up (in the ring), All the best to Amir Khan if this actually happens I’m not sure if I’d stay up to watch it Sky + works a treat besides the ring entrances will probably be longer than the actual fight!

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