Super Cat ‘The Dan Dada’

Super Cat ‘The Dan Dada’

For some time now there has been talk of artists being murdered for their publishing (written musical works), it has been an unspoken topic in some circles but widely known of by others. Pivotal Dance Hall artist Super Cat was already a respected artist before his mainstream exposure in the nineties before leaving Jamaica for the USA. After some time in the US it seems that Super Cat himself has been targeted by law enforcement officers and targeted to be murdered. Now at this point most of you are wondering ‘why would they try and kill him?‘ and the answer is simple MONEY, did you know that Bob Marley has an estimated worth of $130 million even though he is no longer with us and that figure was from 2010.

Reggae artist Shaggy’s net worth is $22 million, Jimmy Cliff$18 million, Sean Paul$11 million, Maxi Priest$4.6 million, Beanie Man$3.7 million and Bounty Killer$3 million. The most high profile artist that was not a dance hall artist is Michael Jackson who was said to have been worth $600 million and his music catalogue worth $100 million.

In 2012 Super Cat was speaking on Link Up FM (New York) about some of his encounters with law enforcement including the rumour generated by the media that Super Cat was dead!

Super Cat returned to Jamaica last year after a 12 year absence to appear at Sting check out his interview with Winford Williams on On Stage TV

The Neptunes/StarTrak/Wild Apache Presents The Original Heartical Don Dada Super Cat

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