@ButchKassidy Presents More reasons to follow Mila J|#onetowatch

 Mila  J A.K.A. Japollonia. is an R&B artist She is Japanese and African Americian, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer Signed to Mowtown Records and an actress & Jhene Aiko’s Sister !!!!



OK!! I have to be honest I just heard one song “Smoke, Drink, Break Up” and that was it had to seek and destroy, I’ve been right in the past, I stated Naughty Boy will go to number 1 in the UK ! and he did so listen carefully, #bkonetowatch. This young lady is going to blow up she dances, sings, and is model worthy, watch for her. As long as she doesn’t get confused on image and loses some of that unnecessary extensions and weaves she will be and image icon as well as an artist with a nice 90’s throw back sound, who has the potential to rip a corner of the market and pocket it with ease.

@ButchKassidy Presents More reasons to follow Mila J

Mila J A.K.A. Japollonia “Blinded” Official Music Video


 Mila J is turning heads everywhere, even catching the attention of pop legend Prince, who recently sampled her song “Blinded” on his new album, “Plectrum Electrum.”

Mila J Talks New Music & Music Video for “Smoke, Drink, Break Up”

Mila J A.K.A. Japollonia — “All Night” from “Battlefield America”

This song is featured in film “Battlefield America” on June 1st 2012

Following Mila J’s 2012 Internet success with her highly popular mixtape, which received more than 700,000 downloads, she received attention from top music industry executives Barry Weiss and Ethiopia Habtemariam. “I’m very thankful to everyone who downloaded my mixtape and made it a success,” says Mila J. “I’m in the studio finishing up my first album, which is titled M.I.L.A. (Made in Los Angeles),” says Mila J. The album, scheduled to release this year will feature several LA natives, including Snoop Lion and Problem.( from track bio)

The first single Smoke Drink or Break up’ is going to blow

Mila J (born Jamila Akiko Chilombo) maintains an unmatched combination of talent and beauty. Mila J has been building her reputation for more than a decade. Being coined as one of the most upcoming beautiful and “fresh faces” of the new millennium, the LA superstar would also like to further her career and eventually get into modeling. ( from track bio)

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