‘Think like yourself not him’


Charlene Talbutt

Relationships whether a new love or an old flame they all seem to have there problems don’t you think?
How can we communicate with our men letting them know what we want out of our relationships? I have been talking to a girlfriend recently who has been having some problems. Let me take you back here.
My girl has been seeing her partner for over 8 years, they have a beautiful son together and a new baby on the way. Her partner was missing for 2 years of this relationship and she went ahead and raised her son alone and I must say he is a gem. A lot of us can guess why he was missing for 2years, yes that’s right he was locked away. Now I know a lot of women’s advice right now would be, ‘girl he’s a waste, forget him, all leaving you to raise your son alone he aint a man’ well instead of taking any of this advise she ‘stood by her man’ she waited for 2 years with promises such as marriage and romance coming her way on his release. Now he’s home and all those promises seem to have disappeared instead he works all the time and doesn’t help towards the house utilities or food. A lot of you will be shaking you head at this but she decides she wants to talk about it and make it work at least for her children.Emotional right?

Ladies if we do not communicate with out partners and compromise the old hope of spending your life with someone will be a distant memory. With the release of ‘ Think like a man ‘ People everywhere especially female have become the new ‘relationship guru’s’ a story meant to entertain has now become a new following. Tricks and influences used instead of communication so here you are ladies my relationship rules.

COMMUNICATION – if we do not talk to our partners how can we ever expect them to understand our feelings – now ladies I’m talking about COMMUNICATION not yelling and throwing things, I mean clear communication so don’t attack your partner wait until the airs cooled off if your arguing, take a step back and have a clear understanding of how you feel and what you want to say. If you approach your partner ( male or female) aggressively they will be defensive and a tiny issue now becomes an island.
TALK – Yes that’s right talk, your partner is your best friend, your other half. Spend at least an hour a day talking about anything and everything. Laugh, joke, unload, talk about your dreams, your desires and even just your day. Take interest in each other don’t interrupt or get heated be considerate and listen and help when needed.
DATE NIGHT – whether you have a full pocket or an empty one we can all do something for a date night, have a suggestion box of free and costing date nights. Romantic dinners at home or even movie nights. My Partner and I take turns on date nights he’ll watch a film I enjoy and ill watch one he does, they always seem to be army films though that’s my boo. On these date nights be free again, feel like a new couple, flirt and desire each other that’s the point.
Those are my top 3 rules keep tuning in for more relationship 1 on 1…..

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