I’m Here Now

“I’m Here Now”

Written by: Olayinka Sobitan aka Sizterly Love

I’m here now, across the seas flown from far lands, a place where the sun shines bright on a daily basses and when the rainfalls, it cools down that sun rays.
Helping the growth of my people’s land, where natural resources is plentiful for all.
No seriously I’m here now, wakey wakey as I rise up to see all my black skins have gone and the white skins I see are different from the ones back home.

Saying to me, I’m too black, I’m to far from somewhere real far, where the people don’t sound the same as them and the language of passionate sounds and trends, send me back to where she’s from, that’s what they chant as I land on their land.

But now it’s to late as I’m here to stay crying ties of missing my homeland.
Now my armour is even stronger learnt from the rank name calling of my colourful people and the difference that they fear.

Spending many times calling out why, nah really why, why are they so ignorant and spend so much of their time in hates.
They say time will tell and those with love, truth have the true strength knowing the stronger will survive, made me even harder, harder skin where the black ain’t goanna crack.

I’m here now; here with all my might and fearsome attitude, which they cant, comprehend. Saying things like your not one of us, your not near or anywhere we are, but I know ‘I’m here now’.

Ill show them, show them who I am really, the black queen, the first here, the one with hearts of true power, and the one who knows better, with real sense more than them. The queen of far and near, now and here, as my culture followers me everywhere nor forgetting ‘I’m here now’

Olayinka Sobitan aka Sizterly Love

Written by

Olayinka Sobitan


 Sizterly Love


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