Long Distance – the REALationship

Long Distance – the REALationship

Part 1
The very statement of a Long Distance Relationship causes all the sceptics to come out doesn’t it. Majority of your friends are going to say the same thing ‘leave it on holiday, call it a holiday romance’ but how can you tell your heart to forget a love you have never felt before. I have a friend who has this problem, she met the most amazing guy on holiday and although she tried, and believe me she did try not to fall in love with him, she did and likewise for him also. It was all amazing when they were together but now she’s back in London and although he came to see her after only a month apart. He has now gone back home and they will be apart for up to a year until she gets the funds to go back and stay with him. I have had sleepless nights with her and 3am phone calls because she’s scared of what he is doing or who. Its emotional people as a friend it’s hard to watch someone you care about go through this type of emotion, so we ask the age old question DO LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS WORK?

From listening to her and her boyfriend and trying to devise ways that will help them stay in touch and the distance seem although not a lot just a little easier, so keep up with me people…
STOP CYBER STALKING – what is wrong with women and cyber stalking? If you keep looking for something you will find it. Let me say that again for you IF YOU KEEP LOOKING FOR SOMETHING YOU WILL FIND IT!! Don’t go crazy checking every single thing you can to ensure he\she is not cheating on you. If you haven’t got trust for each other then why are you even bothering to have this relationship? Everyone has fears in a relationship and its understandable that its a lot harder for a relationship that’s separated by sea but going crazy on all their social networking sites and emails and then sending random outburst thoughts to your partner is not going to help anything trust me. In fact that will probably cause the separation not the distance.
COMMUNICATION – Yes I know I keep saying this but I can’t stress to you how important it is to communicate with your partner. Being away from each other will mean there will be times when you feel like you just can’t cope anymore, these are the points you need to ensure you Skype or Viber your partner (these are free so there is no excuse) should there be a huge time difference please don’t start sending crazy messages to them saying crazy thoughts cause you just have them. Speak to a friend that’s what they are there for, speak to a friend that you can trust not to give you the wrong advice but to just listen and have time to snap you back from the crazy person you are being. Then when you speak to your partner you will be clear about what you really want to say and not go crazy and split up for no reason other than your being needy.
MAKE TIME FOR EACHOTHER – Even if you live a crazy demanding life you need to ensure you speak to each other every day for at least an hour. Make time in your day every day to ask each other about your day and comfort each other because you both will be missing one another. DO NOT use this time to argue and spaz out! Just use this time to comfort and talk to each other and stay in the loop about each other’s day. If there is a huge time difference then limit it to half an hour you can still whatsapp or text each other all day even if you speak to each other on the phone, normal relationships do this so, so can you.

So in short if there’s no trust there’s no point whether you are in the same country or not women stop stalking your men. Privacy is important.

This ends part one please continue to follow for more tips and guild lines to live a happy relationship. ‘Loves&Kisses’ #keepitmimi

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