The Summer Heat Up Review

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Current World Media was proud to be in attendance as, So Hot sounds held their Summer Heat Up event, with the well renowned Ghetts performing a Live P.A. on the night.

The mood was set in true “UK Hip Hop” fashion with the talented DJ Butch Kassidy playing the finest in home-grown talent. Once enough of the audience had arrived and the artists were ready to perform, the hosts: Lady TT and 5 Start Firmz, got the night rolling nicely with some on-stage banter and crowd engagement. The show began with an open Mic session, which started off pretty well. The first few MC’s gave decent account of them-selves and came with some decent content. The bar was raised when Current World Media’s own MageVizo, took to the stage and delivered a master class in flow and (actual) freestyling. After that, the pace was lost and some MC’s either began to recycle lyrics or got lost in the music and struggle to keep a decent enough rhythm (for me). It came to a decent end when Lady Flossa took the stage and made, what looked to be, a welcomed return to the Mic.

After a brief intermission the first act, Cherry, was introduced. She gave a decent performance and had command of the stage. The three tracks she performed showed her versatility in rap skill and she delivered it well. She had no problem engaging the crowd and seemed to get a lot of appreciation at the end of her performance.

The next act was T. Mantana. He performed at a good standard also and seemed to do well in terms of keeping the audience interested. By this time a larger audience had entered the venue, which heightened the energy of what was to come.

Next on stage came, the multi talented Charmer Mills  and her Team Swawoski. With only two tracks to perform, it was evident the focus was on quality rather than quantity. She came on stage with her entourage and gave a very strong performance. The only thing that may have taken away from it, a little, was the fact she was rapping over a pre-recorded verse. It seemed to be too present in the background and didn’t leave room to show more character with her vocal. But all in all it was out together in fine style.

With the vibe at Dingwalls already in good stead, Lady TT and Firmz introduced the surprise act of the night, Radar Stanna. Clearly a seasoned entertainer, Radar gave one of the bigger performances of the night. His energetic performing had the audience on a high and his catchy hooks went down very well.

The following act to grace the stage was Grizzly. Grizzly put on a good show and had some decent content.  He showed some good potential in the way he delivered his work and is definitely one to look for in the future.

The wait was finally over and it was Ghetts’s time to hit the stage.  New respect is due to him for the big performance he put in, on the night. He put on a great example of his unique lyrical skill and showed that he has now come in to his own element as an artist. With upcoming MC talent JusRival with him, Ghetts performed a nicely worked set and admirably gave his protégé a chance to give the audience a preview of the talent to come. This performance was definitely enjoyed by all and being the headliner, Ghetts certainly delivered.

Following that performance were Herbal T  and A Wibz. The two graced the stage, respectively performing two Hip Hop songs and done a good job. The content was of a top quality standard and they’re most certainly one of the acts to follow.

The night had two more acts to wind down the show (AK Reks & Gsyde), whose performances definitely left the audience in good spirits to close out a decent show.

Overall, the night was very entertaining. It looked as if everyone had left the venue a little better for seeing the performances and the promise of the home-grown talent that’s yet to emerge.

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