Battle Syndrome

Battle Syndrome

I am at a stage where I can see why crack addicts run to crack for their habit

Even soldiers feel pain, helping others sometimes in vain

If you steal something and get caught, hearing words I don’t know why she steals when all she had to do was ask… now that’s the laugh.

Cos in the past if you ask you could still feel a blast.

Hypocrites and how life contradicts

Has my mind on tick, church goers who praise crucifixes

Services done start cuss bout what the rass

Move your blood clart.

Mind frame, not tame, break the rules of any game

But life’s no game, no dress rehearsal

Modern Technology

Internet buddies,

Personally no personality for me

To call no man my msn hubby

When really he could be anybody

Mind strains, tear stains, no gains

Officials control the reigns, nowhere to run

Slave songs everyday get hummed

But the weak pull the trigger of the gun

And my words now get sung

I am one who will analyse the parasites

I can’t no can not be bought

See clearly through distortion

Housing Benefit extortion

Overpayments, money you never get

Family start fret, mum vex the cycle of dysfunctional family

Everyday I see

And that’s why I believe in the unseen

You can question my sanity

But vanity don’t rule me

Money I don’t have, no pity please

I am rich in me

Money can buy a house but not a home

And that’s the truth of the matter

Success is it happiness or wealthyness

Cos Michael Jackson was wealthy but was he happy

Now look Jesus Christ got shift, felt licks

Ended up on a crucifix

And I’m ma chat it as it is

And you judge me?

And as a field Negro Queen I take pride

My chest high

Many ah true word said in jest and that’s the truth

Words are power, easy to get devoured

Example- history of leaders

Assassins never found and the killer of great leaders

Who got put inna the ground

Vigorous action in self defence if necessary

I take position

As a musical revolutionary

Actions are reactionary

When oppressed or harassed

By the Metropolitan constabulary

Knowledge and wisdom

First on my itinerary 

Greed a dangerous disease

Where man get blinded by desires that please

Who can lie and say sin not sweet

But if you live love, love is sweeter

Human flesh weak

The devil’s bitter

Life’s chaos, people lost

I the soldier human too

Tired sometimes of the battle blues

Dreams dying

Heart crying

But I still hold in

Cos I am a warrior

Who follows higher laws

That man can try and ignore

But that day will come and your banging at the golden doors.

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 Current World Media would also like to acknowledge Peaches for winning

 an MBA (Mixed Blessings Award) for Young Female Achiever 2014


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