The Motorexpo 2014 At Canary Wharf

The Motorexpo 2014 At Canary Wharf

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This week has seen the return of  The 19th annual Motorexpo 2014 at London’s Canary Wharf, this is the only Free motor expo show of such magnitude in the world and can comfortable expect over 400,000 people to attend over the duration of the event.

This amazing event was created by The Motorexpo CEO Mr Graeme Carver

The Motorexpo CEO Graeme Carver

In 1995 Graeme Carver was entrusted with the task of bringing an event to London’s Canary Wharf that would be a memorable event. At that time in Canary Wharf the main populous consisted of early 20‘s to middle aged men who all share a weak spot for high performance cars. And so The Motorexpo was born, a motor show for the average Joe so to speak (That’s if you have a spare £233,153 taking up too much space in your front pocket!) you are allowed to touch, sit in and test drive some of the selected vehicles on show!

Although it is set in the heart of the business district all car manufactures are both friendly and approachable! We test drove The Infiniti Q50 a hybrid saloon car that will rival BMW and Mercedes Benz.

This event is on from 9 – 15th of June and is totally free! so if your a motor-head get yourself down there. On Wednesday the 11th of June the Motorexpo hosted the UK Youth Gala Dinner a charity supported by the Motorexpo chaired by Nigel Mansel CBE, former F1 World Champion. An auction was held with the proceeds going to the UK Youth charity.

Look out for our test drive review on The Infiniti Q50 coming soon


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