Infiniti Q50 Test Drive

Infiniti Q50 Test Drive

As a part of the Motorexpo 2014 show experience you are given the chance to test drive a number of different cars completely free, as a part of the press of just a car enthusiast. I used this opportunity to have a go at driving the new infinity Q50 saloon,  partly because it’s a hybrid and I would like to see if a car run on batteries could change my attitude towards them. Secondly the look which I would describe as executive an intimidating at the same time, the designers manage to achieve this without any straight lines on the body work or interior of the car quite impressive.

After a short form to fill out I was given the key and an guide who happen to be a young rally driver. Upon getting inside the Q50 you can tell by the amount of buttons,screens and switches that you can keep yourself busy getting your head round all the settings before you even start driving. This includes a lot more than just sport or Eco mode, the Q50 spares no expense on gadgets but that would require another review in itself. To name a few it has a key less start up which also has  a profile for the driver which means if the car is shared it knows your settings, your steering wheel hight, your chair position etc…. And also a neat parking display which shows the car from an above view and all surroundings curbs, cars,people very clever to say the least.Upon starting the car by pushing the button there is no sound or vibration at all, which is very different when experienced but not in a bad way.

The comfort of the car as you drive and the power on demand is as good as it’s German competition, it still possesses the satisfying felling you get from 0 to 60 any petrol head appreciates, and the capability to get to 150mph, with the added benefit of all the science behind it almost makes it an effortless drive keeping track of all the goings on inside the car suspension,brakes and even a beep that alerts you if your approaching the car In front of you that has stopped and you aren’t  slowing down quick enough. All in all I believe that driving the infinity Q50 is a look at what the future of driving has in store, and since we use science and technology to do things better, faster and more efficient in most parts of our lives why not driving, A car with batteries won me over well done Infiniti!


Written By

A . P . Lewis

Current World Media




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