I LUV LIVE 10th Birthday Review

 10th Birthday Review


Where to begin, I’ve never graced an ‘I Luv live’ event, was I missing it? ……. Hell yes! First of all it took place in Brixton Electric, which is a beautiful venue to hold a music event! The music really just swam through the room. Real fan problem one I did actually go to see Mr J Clarke aka Ghetts, yet I was standing in the queue through his performance! Lucky me .. not! Had my Mr looking at me sideways! LOL when I eventually got in and saw the amount of people in there I know this was a real BIG event! It was packed!!

First to the stage was Tanika, who I’ve seen perform before; she was amazing! Vocals on point! She performed her own original music! Bad 4 u was a single released not to long ago! She has  a stage presents that could make you hang on every word.

But moving on to Blizzard a rapper from Manchester who took part in Lord of the Mics, so you know he’s smashing it! But, what shocked me about his performance is that he showed just how versatile he was bringing on singer Shakka to perform a song dedicated to his significant other in the audience. Blizzard is definitely here to blow up the London scene! He rapped; he sang and played the piano! Shout out to him for really bringing some energy and got everyone moving!!

Can anyone say … Rough Copy!! They came with a very RNB boy band vibe, as per usual displayed on the X Factor they had a very young fun attitude towards music, I think they work really well together as a group, clearly the vocals were a good and they received a warm reception from the crowd.

Now don’t judge me but, the next two artists I had no idea, who they were…. But, I soon realised. Jacob Banks was young and up an coming like the rest of the acts, but his voice had the power of some of the greats! A very deep soulful sound which had everyone swaying!

Mr Stylo G was a brilliant act before Miss Emeli Sande! He really had the crowd going …. More hype than any other artist if I’m honest! He had me jumping! Shouting and really turning up!!! Big up yourself stylo! You really put on a show!!

There was a slight intermission, changeover of instruments and mics etc. Which did dampen my hype, I’m not gonna lie but, then Mr naughty boy came on and did his thing , bringing on Emeli Sande and a poet and rapper (neither where introduced), let that not take away from them because, they really did support Emeli and Naughty boy giving them  an edge! The performance was something special as they both met at this event five years a go and have really made it big since then! They did act like super stars but, both said a few words about what events like this mean to artist and just how passionate they really are about music it was brilliant and made me see them through a different light.

Please believe the show didn’t stop there the final act to hit da stage in full affect was none other than Miss Jessie J and can I just say that she can really SAAANNNNGGGG!  Her vocal range was Sick!! She was really down to earth and an inspiration! She is the kind of artist that will make u get lost in her voice and bust up her normality!

The be all and end all is I luv Live put on a SHUT DOWN event , which we need a lot more of so we can show off the real home grown toilet bubbling in London’s’ underground scenes.

Jessie J


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