Skrapz – Skrapz Is Back PT.2 Review

Skrapz – Skrapz Is Back PT.2 Review

Peace to all readers. Hope all is well in your current world affairs. This being my first Album review for Current World Media, I’d like to start off by addressing all our current readers.

All reviews are done with an efficiently informed and open mind. There will be no bias of any kind and all music will be looked at in accordance with the perceived genre and market that it’s in.


Artist: Skrapz

Album: Skrapz is Back PT2

After a few listens of this album, it was clear this artist had a very laid back style and that arguably could be backed up by the choice of beats. Having not heard part 1 to the “Skrapz is Back” campaign, this was my introduction to Skrapz as an artist. In my opinion, he’s a decent artist and has some potential to get a buzz going on the scene. His lyrical ability, though a bit simplistic, captures you in terms of flow and keeps you engaged to a point. His delivery, for me, leaned more towards a monotone style, which has seemingly become a popular style, in rap participants within the genre. The only thing about having a laid back (monotone) style, is that it can make a track seem repetitive, so that ‘sometimes’ takes away from what’s actually being said. Skrapz showed glimpses of this style in his delivery, but his use of features across the project (i.e. Giggs & S Dot B Lee) enhanced the listening dimension to it.

With a bit more energy and variation in his delivery, Skrapz could easily contend with today’s up and coming talent. Another thing that would do wonders for his delivery is maybe one or two upbeat hard-hitting instrumentals to compliment and challenge his style across an LP. This however, is in no way an attempt to say that the mixtape isn’t one to be enjoyed or appreciated. There is a market for this style of rap and this project did well to represent that style. The track “No Introduction” and the SBTV “warm-up verse”, showed the potential for Skrapz to elevate to new heights for his next project. Admittedly, this style of rap isn’t one I frequent in listening to. But after taking time to listen to it, I can appreciate the effort on Skrapz’s part. The project overall is well rounded and with some added energy and drive I see no reason why the next project wouldn’t be great one to look forward to a draw the relevant comparisons. Nice one Skrapz.

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