MANIPULATION – A thought provoking poem by Veronica Henriques


Definition: to control someone or something to your own advantage often unfairly or dishonestly (Oxford Dictionary)

It is thoughtful to say what you will do, and lovely that your telling the whole world too.

It is kind of you to say you want to be helpful, even when people express they are doubful.

It is typical of your characteristic to highlight your worthiness and qualities, spoken like a true opportunistic.

It is very cunning of you to cite quotations from the Bible, to an audience who are predominantly gullible.

But my dear friend.. I think you have missed the most important factor that ACTION is required and not an audition for a new Eastenders actor.

It is one thing to convince others of how GREAT you are, but another to actually BE that great STAR.

And just to make your new found fans aware, that beyond the FB screen REALITY exists out here !

And last but not least, allow me to recite and rephrase a quotation from the Bible. Please accept this advice as being noble.

From PROVERBS chapter 6 verse twelve to nineteen (look it up), I’m sure you will find that all God wants is your heart to be clean.

Troublemaking, malicious and deceitful words being sent by social media message birds are actions that will only have one outcome, disaster will overtake you and by the looks of things this process has already begun.

And please bare in mind that there are seven detestable things that the Lord does not like, a LYING tongue is one so be wary of when Karma will strike.

I am certain by now you can appreciate … to being GENUINE AND HONEST and NOT TO MANIPULATE!

So take care good friend I wish you well, I hope my kind words has been of great help ūüėä

Written By

Veronica Henriques – @tootch2005

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