#CC14 Review

#CC14 Review

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Whats up people? this weekend gone Current World Media was at the Camden Crawl 2014, 200 artist’s at 22 venues in Camden Town. Although the event is 20 years old this was our first Camden Crawl, in near perfect weather the vibes were good and with so many artists we were spoilt for choice of who to see first.


Dawn Golden @ The Electric Ballroom

We have never heard of this guy before but we like his music! we  don’t know what genre his music goes in but we’re going to put it “the good music” genre it was a shame that he did not have the audience their to appreciate his sound (on a bit early). Dawn Golden will be added to my road trip play list!

FIS @ The Jazz Cafe’

This is a producer/dj from New Zealand who colours outside of the lines using an MPC live on stage, from deep dark dirty bass lines to harmonious drops this was definitely abstract. Although this style of music is not my personal cup of tea  but from a production stand point I can respect his craft and he’s a cool guy.

IMG_1988Larry Gus @ The Jazz Cafe’

Larry Gus, didn’t know what we were was getting in to FIS told us he had lots of energy! which he did he reminded me of an eccentric  Giorgio Moroder but obviously less electronic.

GHETTS @ The Monarch

Recently nominated for a BET award Ghetts has the momentum in his sails! arriving at the packed out Monarch it was clear to see the masses had come out to hear the machine gun lyrics of the Bishop. Backed with a live band Ghetts also brang some friends on stage Cameron,  and Jus Rival They all tore it down a very enjoyable set energy, quality and clarity best performance I witnessed!


Nick Brewer @ The Jazz Cafe’

Quite upset that we did not catch the beginning of his set heard a few things about this Essex boy that can spit bars, what we did see was an artist who is at home on stage good presents and good delivery. Nick had a vocalist and a band (didn’t catch their name) which where not shabby! The crowd was entertained as well as being a good artist he has personality and you just can’t buy that!


Mickey Lightfoot @ The Jazz Cafe’

For anyone that knows this artist you know their performances are loud and proud, we didn’t. So it was a shock to hear a fusion of deep soul with chanting / loud singing, which some would consider and left field, but others would not. The three piece took to the stage and started with a bang , heavy bass guitar and soft keys filled the Jazz Cafe’ , coupled with a strong, chanting style singing flow.  The crowd was swaying the essence of deep twistedness and zoned into a very good performance.

Little Simz @ Beatrice

This young lady has imprinted her artform on the CWM camp, we caught up with her at The Camden Crawl, and she didn’t disappoint. Her flow and performance  was immaculate, she released some sweets lyrics and performed 5 solid tracks that kicked off the Big Promo night @ the Beatrice.  Her energy was so high, she had the crowd chanting her lyrics and banging their head to some heavy production, which had a hip-hop, grimey elements. If you have never heard of her and enjoy rapping over twisted dark and light beats, she is one to watch, look out for her E.P E.D.G.E out now on Bandcamp.

Lady Lykez @ Beatrice

Wow!! Energy Energy Energy, Lady Lykez commanded the stage, and unleashed a barrage of heavy weight easy to follow tracks with flows and lyrics that had you singing her choruses.  We were very impressed with the control she showed when getting the ladies involved with two tracks about “Not your hair” and ” Love my butt“. Lykez can switch between a heavy rap flow and a dancehall style fluently and the double timing rhyming is bang on. The Beatrice was bouncing throughout her performance and received so much love at the end of her set, if you didn’t like Lykez you would after that performance. We only wished she did the set in reverse .

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