Stormzy is up next!

Stormzy is up next!

So when thinking of who’s up next in the grime scene…… Stormzy must come to mind! A young man definitely banging down the music industries door! He shows the youth of today that dreams can really come through if you push yourself and never give up, you can make it!

Stormzy definitely shows he can be versatile mixing from rap to grime and throwing a couple in there for the ladies. He smashed a Justin Bieber cover and even performed a something live in air to none other than Lady Leshur! Had twitter going CRAZY!!!

Stormzy has the male population putting their phones on charge to text your girl!! One of the many reasons I’ve named him the punchline KING ! He maybe young but, his music speaks for itself! It shows not only his background of London life! But his determination like many to change his life by focusing on the music!

I’ve followed Stormzy from his early days and I can definitely say he has improved lyrically along with a major push in his work ethic! Recently he has been dropping songs at a rapid rate!

I want to send out a big shout out to his camera man Jaiden Ramgeet! You keep it simple but, I think each frame really grabs Stormzy as an artist. Hood, cheekily confident and extremely talented! Always good when an artist has a good team!

Stormzy has been getting love from various artist including Wretch 32 and Skepta, clearly he’s winning! The music industry is a hard nut to crack but, in my opinion Stormzy is more than halfway there!

Stormzy has clearly heard the cries from fans and is soon to drop his EP Dreamers Disease on pre-order now! Official iTunes release date July 20th!

 If your interest in seeing him for yourself… He is hosting an EP Launch party on 28th July at Proud Camden. Tickets are available at


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