Parents Own

Parents Own

I wanna be great

But what’s great when I see mum

Moving bait

Dad passes, not to see me

But to see if mum will still open gates

I’ll expose some bro’s

Claim they are brothers

But only will work by claiming off others

And self-conscious sisters

Still bedding 3 mister’s

Preach love self?

But in fear, of knowing self?

In order to love self!

Councillors will support a cause

Just a quick pause…

Community events crowds applause

Demanding more

Chanting change

Same words for years

Slipping of tongues

Police still getting away

Pulling triggers of guns

Young people, children self sabotaging

Parents now friends?

Parent ends?

Parents doing them?

Child on the block pass ten o’clock


Parent can’t get up and go round the block?

About their foots up

‘They won’t send me 6 foot…’

Give up?

And you wonder why?

Why all this disrespect for one another?

When you don’t even respect your own!

Check what you are demonstrating?

No one says beat yourself up

But come on, fix UP.

And if your just unsure

And know no cure

Seek support

Your child does not stop being your child

Like benefits such as child support

Be consistent

Let them witness Greatness!



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