I Love You By Amore Lee

I Love You

Nah I didn’t cut you
I just stroked you with my knife
Why you going on all crazy
Here, wipe the blood
You’ll be alright.
Now remember when I asked for you to try an do the math
Don’t disrespect and write upon your book
This chicks a psychopath.
Do my eyes look blinded to you?
Do I look like I can’t read?
Do you think that I can’t see the p*#s that’s wet up all your jeans?
Now, we need to start this over
Yep! We need to sort this out.
What were you saying before this messy part – the words that blurted from your mout?
Oh yes!
You said that we are over
It’s got to be the end
I think you missed the important bit… But,
Go on..
I wanna hear the end.
Ah! That’s right!
You said that though you love me,
It’s important to be true.

You give me joke – did that shit really come from you?
I’m listening…..
Oh, so now you’ve gone all quiet.
Oi! wake up! don’t try and play…
Tell me the epiphany part & how you’ve finally realised that you’re gay…
Oh no! Your gonna answer me – you owe me that one thing. I’ve lived an unknown lie beside you – My proof?
This wedding ring.
Get up. Stop slumping.
Here take this towel. Put your hand out. Ewwwww take it Now!
Ewwww… Take it. Here man! Dont faff about. Wipe that froth from round your mouth.
I’ll do it for you – please. Don’t cry. I’ll Never love another guy. You’ll be alright boo.
You’ll be okay. We’ll be cool tomorrow.
Everything same way.
Well forget all this & what’s been said… And tomorrow we’ll….
Baby? Oh f*#k. I think he’s dead….



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