Help A Veteran-Rookie Go Pro!

Help A Veteran-Rookie Go Pro!

I was in pain every day and decided after my operation that I would lose 40kilos and return to playing the sport I loved. 2 and a half years later, in October 2013, I achieved my goal and weighed in at 77kgs.

In June 2014 I achieved the fitness levels required to be accepted into an elite professional football (soccer) training camp at the Tenerife Top Training T3 facility along with young British players from semi-pro clubs right up to Premier League level (West Ham, Cardiff among others…)
In July 2014 I began my first professional preseason training with a Spanish Tercera division club (4th tier), CD El Cotillo, on the island of Fuerteventura.

In August I also trained with another Tercera Division club (UD Las Zocas) on the island of Tenerife and was selected to play my first match, vs Raqui San Isidro (where Barcelona player Pedro came from).

Despite previous donations, I wasn’t able to raise the enough funds to cover my living costs during trials in Tenerife so I had to end my opportunity at UD Las Zocas. I simply couldn’t do it without help which was a disappointing blow.

Want to encourage me?

This is all about chasing a dream that everyone told me I was too late for…

I need help to secure and prepare for trials with professional football clubs in Morocco before the signing window closes on the 19th September 2014:

€200 football agent fee

€120 physiotherapy treatment

€300 travel budget (train/flights/short term accommodation during trials)

€800 film publishing (currently all recent footage of me training and playing is with the editors at Awua Film awaiting payment for release) subscribe to be first to see the videos when they go

Just when I thought I would be quitting the dream and going back to normal life, I was offered trials in Morocco’s second division GNF2 organised by CAF coach/agent, Mohamed Zedak, including temporary accommodation on his sofa. But to carry on representing me through to signing deadline in September (19th) he needs his fee of €315 to do a good job going to clubs and fighting my corner.

My first trial in Morocco’s 2nd division was with Wydad Temara on the 21st August and they invited me to return to continue with them the following week. My agent warned me that they may change their mind when they realised I was 38, which they did.

My agent also received an offer from a professional FUTSAL team in Morocco who came second in the national championships last season, but football is where my dream is focused.

My agent sadly had to decline a trial invitation for me from Moroccan 2nd Division club JSM Laâyoune FC due to lack of funds for my flight and accommodation.  That was a demoralising blow to deal with and it has been hard maintaining fitness without a budget in the meantime.

I need my agent’s help as an urgent priority as well as some physiotherapy none of which come free. Can you help me keep this going?

I hope people out there can relate to chasing seemingly impossible dreams and help this veteran rookie make history.

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