Gone too far review

Gone too far review

Big shout out to Poisson Rouge Pictures on their most recent production ‘Gone Too Far‘ directed by Destiny Ekaragha. I’m not going to say too much as I hope everyone will go and see it. It was an excellent production from start to finish I was engaged!

The movie is centred around Yemi a young British Nigerian who doesn’t cope with his elder brothers arrival from Nigeria, very well. Yemi’s brother just isn’t what Yemi expected. The excitement in this one afternoon is ridiculously funny to watch.

The movie was absolutely hilarious and the room was consistently filled with big belly laughs and wave of acknowledgements when serious issues came to the forefront of this comedy.

The movie shows a clear divide and miseducation of young black British youth. The politics between dark skin and light skinned girls and the division between Caribbean and African communities. This is portrayed exceptionally well by the over the top stereotypical characters, so big up yourselves Malachi kirby, Adelayo Adedayo, O.C Ukeje, Shanika Warren-Markland, Tosin Cole just some of the main cast, but let’s just be clear the whole cast smashed it from the main characters to the cameos. Golda John who played Yemi’s mum was especially funny too watch!!! Absolutely hilarious!

I think it connected brilliant with both young and older generations! It’s a comedy with a sense of purpose how can you go wrong!!! I left feeling ecstatic but, my mind had been stimulated and fulfilled.

Everyone spread the word !!! Look out for more things from KUSH tv!

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