Wretch 32 at Kensington roof top gardens

Wretch 32 at Kensington roof top gardens

Thank you Reverb Live for putting in an amazing show at Kensington roof top gardens with Wretch 32!

I didn’t get to see all the supporting acts but the ones I did see were truly talented. Not only was the location one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen the vibe was just soo on point.
I love live music because, it’s just ten times better.

A certain act  stole it for me Kyra was absolutely outstanding!!! Her voice Matched her looks stunning…. vocal range blow me away and her stage presence was gripping it just filled the whole room! From the beginning to end of her set her voice was flawless! She had a throwback section which really had the audience going. A little bit of crowd participation never hurt anyone…. ‘I hate my job’ had everyone singing! Kyra good luck in your career ’cause girl those vocals will carry you far! Everyone check her out twitter @Kyraofficial and Kyraofficial on sound cloud too!

Moving on to the head-liner none other than the lyrical genius that is Wretch 32!!!
Having met him at a previous event I know he is very genuine, an d down to earth! Wretch presented himself simply as a talented man who just wanted to share his music with the world. As soon as he hit the stage you had to respect his craft because, he wore his heart on his sleeve and showed us just what the music meant to him!

As he bounced on to the stage to tractor claiming it was the most ‘turnt up‘ the show was going to get he was met by instant cheers and girls screaming they loved him… He just really connected. I appreciated the explanation of each song, it gave us a chance to really connect to wretch! We weren’t just watching a performance we were travelling on journey, down memory lane!!! The explanations really made me hear the songs differently, more empathetically they just related ten times more!

Just to touch on his back up singers Coco and Trevor ! Superb!! Both vocally talented and held their own! I felt that they both shined brighter as the set went on and they really got into it!

Something wretch said really touched me, ‘I will make music till I am in my Grave!’ The look in his eyes as those words left his lips….. Just showed how much he really meant it. He is soooo grateful to his fans and humbling for someone who’s talent is so outstanding it consumes their very being!

He ended the show with a bang encouraging Shakka to grace the stage with a very high energetic performance of ‘Blackout‘! Perfect way to end with a BANG!!

Wretch onwards and upwards!!! Good Luck with your amazing new Single ‘6 words!!’

New Single ‘6 words!!’





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