The Maze Runner Film Review

The Maze Runner Film Review

On Thursday night me and City, went down to the Odeon in Leicester Square to witness the epic 1st instalment of ‘The Maze Runner’!!! Having seen the trailer I was intrigued I’m not gonna lie!!!

Firstly thank you for my free snacks! Much appreciated Odeon, good start!

Even doe, the cinema was packed it was extremely quite, no murmurs of the one or two who usually get restless! I’m super jumpy so I was kinda on edge from the jump! I’m not even going to lie!!

The movie was post apocalyptic adventure!! The movie was clearly targeted at a younger audience, however, was entertaining enough for all ages!!!

The movie is based around a group who live  In an area simply called the ‘Glade‘. Once a month someone usually arrives with no memory and a  month worth of supplies! This is how we meet our main character Thomas! He is introduced to the dozen or so boys that have been surviving in the Glades before him!!! Panicked and confused Thomas shows clear signs a change is coming!

Hierarchy has been established by leader Alby played by none other than established British actor Aml Ameen !!! Who is doing extremely well in his career may I add ! Alby explains to Jake how things are run and his part to play in the survival of the group! Oh did I mention the ‘Glade’ is surrounded by a never ending maze!!! People a maze!! A never ending maze! Or is it! Here comes the excitement, the thrill, the adventure! That starts within the first 15 mins and blazes right through to the end!

Thomas played by Dylan O’brian, can be described as a hero, but he’s no superman! He’s more of a last hope , the final push of freedom.

I don’t want to say too much, because, I want you to go and watch it!! I would definitely give this movie a 4/5 stars , it had amazing graphics, which accompanied by some great acting really made it worth the watch!! Let’s not forget the twists and turns! Maze Runner isn’t a movie I would expect any unaccompanied adults to watch, it’s just not complex enough.

I was lucky enough to meet some of Aml’s family and star of the YouTube hit ‘Man dem on the wall’ also featured in E4’s Youngers Percelle Ascot who said his favourite character was Alby and when the Greaver run on screen his eyes were firmly shut! I was definitely with him there! A Greaver is something you will have to discover for yourself! What a shocker!!

Speaking to Aml Ameen’s mum Marva ! She pointed out something’s I hadn’t picked up reinforcing my belief it was made for the younger generation!! There was No swearing or nudity, it was gritty but, not overly violent!

The ending really intrigued me to watch the rest of the films when released! The only downfall was out of the characters we met only a handful of them left with me when I left the cinema!! The others were simply forgotten…..

I say go have a watch…. It won’t be a waste of your time!

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