CWM | Must Watch TV | Gotham is a must watch now !!!


Tonight in the UK we are graced with a new series on Channel 5 called GOTHAM, it is the story of Bruce Wayne also known as Batman, after the killing of his parents and before he became the Batman. For die hard comic fans and film watchers, we have been subjected to many different variations of what happened in that time and the story in this series is gripping.

We not only get to see the main character but some of his arch enemies as their younger selves, Catwoman , Penguin, The Riddler and Ivy pepper all young and all featured with back stories as well as Bruce.


James Gorden who we all know become commissioner is but an army vet who’s gone straight into the police, to do right by the law, but is partnered with Harvey Bullock, a twisted, rough,  bash a confession out of them type cop, whose well connected behind the scenes. Alfred, played by the UK’s Sean Pertwee, has the task of toughening up master Wayne after his loss and guiding him through his life choices with a little help from Gordon. The only main character to have a character made fresh for the series is Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith, Her character is Fish Mooney, a gangster in her own right but watched over by the top gangster Mr.Falcon.

Gordon had tough decisions to make, finding the truth and Fish has problems stepping up the ladder, watch out for leaks, spoilers and more here



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