Rumfest 2014 Review

Rumfest 2014 Review

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Last weekend gone was the 8th annual Rumfest held at London’s Earl’s Court. The Rumfest was created by Ian Burrell The Global Rum Ambassador. The proceedings began last Thursday with the Rumfest attempting to set a new Guinness Book of Records with the largest Rum tasting and masterclass in the world. Which of course they broke with 353 people.

Friday was the Rumfest Boutique & Conference which was a networking event with Rum importers, Distilleries and independent Rum Brands. Where we met Damian Mohammed the founder of SippinUK a London based independent brand who launched at the Rumfest Boutique. And Gold Mauritius another independent brand who launched at the beginning of the year. So this event was perfect for emerging/established brands and the Rum Ambassador himself was present giving advice to brands and consumers alike.

On Saturday we attended the Rum Festival it’s self. With over 400 different brands of rum showcasing their products. Through out the day there was various seminars/masterclasses taking place from Single Barrel Tasting, 25 Year Old Tasting, talks from Mount Gay’s Miguel Smith and Havana Club’s Don Morales.
So just in case you are wondering, Yes you can taste as much Rum as safely possible! And I must say that the festival goers was extremely well-behaved given the circumstances. So I would say that this is definitely appreciated by the rum connoisseurs and a great experience for people new to rum tasting.
There was also entertainment from some Latin dancers, so in my opinion the atmosphere and vibes was excellent. The hardest part of the day was standing upright! I also have a new appreciation for Rum makers and Mixologists alike. These people take their craft very seriously! Nearly all the brands have their own story and journey such as Seven Fathoms Rum from the Cayman Islands (Check out the story told by Damien Dilbert )
So all in all Rumfest 2014 was a blast! And I would highly recommend that Rumfest 2015 is a must do fixture on the calendar next year.


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